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How to Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram and Instagram Web Viewer?

How to Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram and Instagram Web Viewer?



Nowadays, TikTok and Instagram are the main platforms for those who want to find their way in the fashion industry. Instagram is all about visual content. Fashion is all about a visual concept. That’s why the app provides fashion enthusiasts with a great opportunity of sharing their art and vision with other people. However, this field is pretty competitive.

Instagram has become one of the main reasons for the popularization of the fashion industry. The interest of the audience keeps constantly growing, as well as the number of young fashionistas. If you’re planning to stand out from the crowd, you need to be different from your competitors, that’s true. But there is, of course, a set of unspoken rules for the newbies.

That’s why we’ve created a small guide on how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram to help you to take your first steps and grow your audience. Nevertheless, a young creator needs a lot of inspiration. And we are ready to provide you with a service, which will give you the opportunity to watch your competitors and professionals in the sphere anonymously.

Instagram web viewer by Inflict will help you to watch Instagram content, even if you don’t have your own account. To enjoy the content, your browser is the only thing you need. Online insta viewer is private, free, and extremely easy to use. This tool will definitely be helpful for a junior Instagram influencer. 

How to Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram and Instagram Web Viewer

So, let’s dive into the ultimate guide on how to become famous on the app when you’re a real fashion lover.

Grow your network

No matter how subjective this fact is, the number of your followers is the first thing people put their attention to when they visit your profile. So, the first thing you should do is to expand your network. Try to follow fashion brands and fashion creators.

It’s important they know about your existence. However, don’t focus on the quantity, because the quality matters as well. Your audience must be engaged because there is no sense in having a lot of followers who don’t really care about your content.

Remember, that fashion brands usually prefer to collaborate with micro-influencers, because their audience is much more loyal, and their content seems more trustworthy. This tip will be useful for you if you’re planning to place ads on your profile.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of collaboration. As it’s already been mentioned, the sphere is very competitive. And, instead of initiating the war for attention with other influencers, try to find a way to collaborate with them to benefit your profile.

Follow other influencers for inspiration, try to offer them to create something together, and comment on their pictures. Find the solutions to help each other. At some point, it is the way you can get the attention of their audience as well. 

Catch up

Fashion is changeable. And if you think that it’s an easy hobby, you’re wrong. Being a fashion influencer is hard work. You should always keep track of the news and never stop your research.

Your audience can easily get bored with the information they can see everywhere. Catch up to be the first to deliver them the best news and the hottest trends.


Uniqueness is one of the main reasons people follow social media profiles. They are interested in quality content they can’t find anywhere else. You should put an effort into all the stages of creating a post, from developing an idea to its further posting and promotion.

In spite of the fact that trends matter the most for a fashion influencer, you should have your own vision and be free to share it with your audience. Your style should inspire other people. It is the first thing that differentiates you from millions of Instagram users who do the same job.

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We know, it’s hard for a fashion influencer to find a brand to work with. However, for the brands, it is not easy as well. Brand owners struggle a lot to find a decent representative for their products. If you’re a young influencer, sadly, you can be overlooked.

Make it easy for brands to find you. Try to reach out to brands yourself, describing all the opportunities and benefits you both can have from your collaboration. 

Now you know all the basics of becoming a fashion influencer. This path is difficult but very fascinating. If you’re a true fashion lover, and you’re trying hard to achieve your goal, you will learn a lot of new things, get new skills and succeed in your career. 

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