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ADSS was founded in 2010 and is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It has both local and international employees supporting its operations. As a spot forex and CFD broker, ADSS focuses on efficient trade execution for clients, and it is regulated by the SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority) in the UAE.

ADSS has built a strong reputation over the past decade, and it has received several awards that recognize its achievements within the Middle East North Africa region. In 2022, it was named Best Forex Broker in the Middle East at both the Forex Expo and the Forex Traders Summit in Dubai. Through consistent performance, it has attracted a growing client base.

ADSS’s product offering

ADSS offers traders access to a variety of financial markets. This includes spot forex pairs as well as CFD contracts on stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and currencies. Retail traders benefit from commission-free trading on forex spots and CFDs.

  • Commodity CFDs allow exposure to metals, energy and agricultural goods. Leverage of up to 200:1 can be applied when pricing positions per full unit change. 
  • Over 60 FX pairs span major, minor and exotic forex. FX movements may also be speculated on through highly leveraged CFDs.
  • Stock CFDs enable betting on shares of globally recognized companies as well as domestic GCC firms. Leverage for stocks is capped at 20:1. Index CFDs facilitate following prominent benchmarks such as the US100 and Hang Seng. These permit speculation with leverage up to 333:1.
  • The broker further provides cryptocurrency CFDs covering Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Cryptocurrency contracts employ leverage of 4:1 but are exclusive to ADSS’ proprietary platform. 

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Opinions on the product offering 

ADSS has over 2,200 products across these markets, and they cater to traders’ desire for diversification through offering both local (GCC) and global instruments. At first glance, CFD and spot FX trading can lead to a thorough and varied portfolio, and the high leverage available makes it easy for those who wish to potentially profit from small fluctuations in fast-moving markets.

One con of working with ADSS for retail, professional, and institutional traders is the lack of fund options. There are no ETFs available for trading at ADSS, nor are there mutual funds. This may be a sore spot for some investors, though it is by no means a necessity.

ADSS’s account types

ADSS provides traders with different account options to suit varied experience levels and goals. This includes one demo and three tiers of live trading accounts.

The demo offers a $50,000 US practice balance that can be reset. Traders gain exposure without risk while exploring educational resources, real-time prices and competitive spreads over 90 days. Once the 90 days are up, they have the option to move onto a live trading account to trade with real capital.

For live trading, there are three tiered accounts: Classic, Elite, and Pro.

The Classic account is suited toretail traders, with a $100 US minimum deposit and no commissions on trades. Up to 500:1 leverage can be used and 24/5 customer support aid trading in multiple languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, and French. Currencies are limited to USD and AED.

Elite targets more advanced traders. With a $100,000 US minimum deposit, the account comes with 25% lower spreads and access to a dedicated senior manager. There is also access to +Elite events offered by ADSS, and there is the option to use multiple currencies in one account.

Finally, Pro is suitable for professional clients with a $100,000 US minimum deposit. Spreads start from zero pips on forex while commissions stay low. On top of the features shared with Elite accounts, Pro traders can access an RM+ sales trader instead of a senior manager.

Opinions on the account types available

The varied account selection for live trading is fairly standard within the industry. However, it is worth noting that a $100 US minimum deposit requirement is lower than most, and there is a lot of appeal in this for retail clients who are just starting out in the live markets. Demo usage at ADSS also allows traders to familiarise themselves with strategies risk-free before progressing live.

ADSS’s platforms available

ADSS provides traders the flexibility to choose between their proprietary platform or MT4, allowing both demo and live account holders to test each option and identify their preferred trading style. Traders can also switch between platforms according to their preferences.

Opinions on the platforms available

ADSS reviews around the web have mentioned that MT4 may be more suitable for those accustomed to its features or requiring more nuanced tools. Alternatively, newcomers or those open to a new interface may prefer the ADSS platform. From experience, I’ve found this perspective holds merit. As a more intricate design, MT4 risks overwhelming less experienced traders. Meanwhile, ADSS’ minimalism does not compromise quality – order execution and functionality remain fast, and slippage is minimal.

I find that the ADSS platform has a simplicity that allows novice traders to focus on core trading principles without distraction. Of course, as strategies and needs develop, more advanced platforms like MT4 prove useful. But in early education, the ADSS platform provides a clear introduction for building strong foundations for novice traders.

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Overall opinion on ADSS broker

ADSS offers traders an overall positive experience through a variety of helpful features. Choosing between platforms and tailored account levels provides suitable options for needs and experience. For individual investors, ADSS presents an affordable entry point to construct diversified portfolios through commission-free trading.

Round-the-clock multilingual support aids customers in English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Turkish and Urdu. Resources across market insights and educational content further enhance the trader experience. With a respected reputation and longstanding regulatory approval within the UAE and broader MENA region, ADSS has established itself as a trustworthy broker well-equipped to meet the requirements of traders of all levels of experience.

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