What is a VPS Server and where they are used?


VPS Hosting is referred to as a Virtualized Server or a Virtual Private Server. The hosting environment of VPS will work similarly to a dedicated server that is available in the shared hosting environment. Technically it may work like both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. VPS Hosting is another most popular within numerous web hosting account types and selects the same for hosting the site online. The website files should be placed on the web server to host your website online.

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How to Work with Old Blog Content? 7 SEO Hacks to Get Traffic

Google Analytics SEO Hacks

It is relatively easy to upgrade your unpublished content so that it meets the basic and most important SEO requirements. Tuning your old blog content to make it visible online is a much more difficult task. However, there are some recommendations that can help you boost website traffic through your old blog posts.

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Social Media Networks and Its Impact on Student Life

Social Media Networks

Nowadays, the Internet provides us with multiple advantages that were impossible some 20 years ago. Amongst the most important benefits are the possibility to find information and share it with other people. Thus, millions of people spend time on social media networks similar to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Most college and university students adore social media and it brings a lot of dividends.

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4 Most Interesting Celebrity Branded Games

Celebrity Branded Games Kim

What are two of the most popular pastimes that people love to get involved with? Video gaming is one, with 67% of the population of the USA claiming to be gamers in some form or another. And celebrity culture is the other – with people from all walks of life taking a minute out of their day to find out the gossip, scandal, or career moves of a celebrity they admire, hate, or are ambivalent about. So, you’d expect a video game fronted by a celebrity to appeal to most people. Well, here are four of our favorite celebrity-branded video games.

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What Is The Best Mobile Spy App And How To Use It?


A phone tracker on an android device is a software application that can be used by parents and employers to track the activities of their children and employees on the smartphones they are using. The increase in the use of handheld devices has increased the risk of their misuse. Especially children and employees are misusing their mobile phones for unproductive purposes like sending and receiving messages, gaming and calling their friends, etc. Some of them also visit adult sites as well as share sensitive information online, which can increase the risk for their life even. By using the best mobile spy app, parents and employers can check their activities to a great extent.

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