TikViral’s 8 TikTok Tips for Authors to Keep Readers Engaged

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In simple terms, TikTok is a social media platform for having fun and sharing short-form video with friends and followers. Unlike other social media, it is unique in a way that it allows user interaction. TikTok started as a place for lip-syncing and posting dance covers. Later, it expanded far beyond  by creating a “TikTok Culture” among the users.

Is it worth for authors? You may come up with a question like this. TikTok is a worthy place to cultivate your social audience and an easy way to connect with your readers. 

TikVirals 8 TikTok Tips for Authors

As an added advantage, you can buy tiktok views to manage your profile engagement and strengthen your readers community. So if you like to give TikTok a shot, read further to gain deep insights about using the application for your benefit.

Why Is TikTok Important for Authors?

TikTok is a significant platform for authors because of the following two reasons. The first reason is to carry out authentic research, and the second is to use it as an advertising place.

TikTok is a remarkable place to find people who are genuinely interested in your book and build a fanbase who wants to read your works. In addition, it helps you to hook up with famous writers and authors relevant to your field and genre.

For writers, TikTok will be a golden ticket for advertising your new book releases and updates on upcoming works. Creating a promotional video is easy, but you must learn some curves and tricks to make it worthwhile. 

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8 Tips to Engage Readers

Now, we get into the exciting part of the article, to engage your audience with your outstanding play of words and exclusive video content. 

#1 BookTok Culture

BookTok is the popular trend followed by almost all the authors and readers on TikTok. Do you have any idea about this culture? Here is a gist of what it means. 

BookTok is a subculture of TikTok where all the bookhounds are bound under one community. This is no specific group or place for BookTok to happen. But most of the videos are tagged under the hashtag #booktok. So it is far clearer to know the intended audience.

#2 Cover Page Video

According to book nerds, book covers play a crucial role in selecting a book firsthand. So it is the best way to make the readers aware of your upcoming project. Even in the BookTok hashtag, you can witness many revealing book cover videos. Therefore, designing the cover page is the original key to engaging your reader audience. 

Eventually, TikViral will be helpful in increasing the viewership of your video uploads which will make your community widen promptly.

#3 Signature Style of Package Deliveries

People love sophisticated gifts and value them more rather than normal ones. So use this fact and make personalized notes along with your book deliveries. Some authors use a signature candle wax seal to their messages to make them authentic. It will create trust among your readers, who tend to share overwhelming responses through videos or comments.

Looking out on the positive side, your followers may create Duet videos revealing the cover page of your book mentioning you. For instance, if your fan is on TikTok, they will share their video upon opening your cover and reading your handwritten note. In this way, you will attract more viewers to your page and drive loads of new followers. .

#4 Aesthetic Montages

Emphasizing your work with an aesthetic touch will be beneficial in grasping the reader for our book. Whether a writer or a reader, you will first notice the visualization of any novel or related videos. Be creative in designing your montage. Get inspiration from other writers’ profiles and record yours in your style.

Many readers will buy and read books attracted by the images and cover pages.

Create a series of images representing your book’s theme, mood, and vibe with gorgeous pictures. It anticipates the reader’s urge to buy your book and stay updated about your progress.

#5 Sharing Tips 

As a budding author, you may not know what to share or feel like you have nothing to share with your followers. If you are facing the same situation, here is a secret for overcoming this circumstance. You can share a tutorial or “how to” video for your followers and writers like you.

Plan your tutorial as a series of episodes and discuss a specific topic per video. It will help you to maintain your engagement, and ideal for your fans. It may take time to reach but will surely be advantageous for your publicity.

#6 Give Away Alerts

Giveaway is a popular trend followed by users to promote on TikTok. Conduct a giveaway contest for your followers and make them participate in the takeaways. Record your video mentioning the steps to participate and encourage them to share and tag your account as a part of the promotion. 

Announce the winners in a separate video and mention when they will receive their prizes. Similarly, consider trying TikViral to make your videos revolve viral on the platform.

#8 DIY for Authors

In the contemporary era, people are fond of DIY (Do It Yourself) videos. Short DIY videos have a potential impact on increasing fan base and popularity. People used to save such videos for reference and experiment with them later. Want some ideas to make DIY videos? Here are some topic ideas which might be helpful for you.

  • How to make bookmarks?
  • DIY in new vocabulary.
  • Making your writing place cozy.
  • Overcoming writer’s block.
  • Drafting your content.
  • How to do scheduled writing?

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Wrapping Up

TikTok is a suitable place for authors to get inspired and be inspired. Writing a book is a vital task the author can do in the foreground. Thanks to TikTok for making the rest of the work much more manageable and not worrying about spending the whole time on promotion and advertising.

Create a fan universe for your book and page by following the ideas mentioned earlier, and it will give the fruitful results that your book deserves. Keep going! Lead the way.

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