From Housing to Groceries: A Comprehensive Guide to the Average Cost of Living in Idaho

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Idaho, famously known as the ‘Gem State’ due to its rich natural resources and stunning landscapes, is also a gem in terms of affordability when it comes to the average cost of daily life.

Whether you’re considering a move to the welcoming atmosphere of Idaho or if you’re simply curious about life in the state, understanding living expenses is essential.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricate details of the average cost of living in Idaho. Let’s break down the numbers and offer some insightful budgeting tips. That way, you can make Idaho living not only affordable but comfortably sustainable.

Read on to get started!

Housing Costs

Housing costs in Idaho are relatively lower compared to other states, making it an ideal place for individuals and families looking for affordable housing options.

The average cost of a home in Idaho is $427,410. This means that you can find a comfortable home that fits within your budget.

If you’re looking to rent in Idaho, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is around $300 per month, while a three-bedroom apartment averages $5,000 per month. These prices may vary depending on the location within the state and the amenities offered by the apartment complex.

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The cost of utilities in Idaho is also relatively lower than the national average. On average, residents can expect to pay around $150 per month for electricity, water, and gas services. This makes it easier to budget and plan for monthly expenses.

Moreover, Idaho is known for its abundance of natural resources, including hydropower, which helps keep energy costs low. This also contributes to the state’s overall affordability. With state-of-the-art solar services becoming more popular, residents can also take advantage of renewable energy options to lower their utility costs even further.


Transportation costs in Idaho are also affordable compared to other states. The average cost of a gallon of gas in Idaho is below the national average, making it cheaper to commute or travel within the state.

Additionally, Idaho offers a variety of transportation options, including public transit and bike-share programs, which can help save on transportation costs. On average, the gasoline and transportation costs between $2.50 – $3.50 per gallon. Or, you can expect to pay $1.50 – $2.00 per ride.

Food and Groceries

Food and groceries are a necessity for any household, and Idaho offers various affordable options for its residents. The average cost of groceries in Idaho is around 10% lower than the national average. This means that families and individuals can save money on their monthly grocery expenses.

Moreover, Idaho has a booming agriculture industry, which means that fresh produce is readily available at affordable prices. This not only makes it easier to budget for food expenses but also promotes healthy eating habits.


Healthcare is an essential aspect of everyday life, and the cost of healthcare in Idaho is lower compared to other states. The state has a variety of healthcare options, including private insurance plans and federal assistance programs, which can help individuals and families save on medical expenses.

On average, you can expect to spend around $300 – $600 per month or $100 – $200 per visit. However, these costs may vary depending on the type of healthcare plan you choose and your overall health.

Childcare and Education

For families with children, childcare and education costs are significant factors to consider when moving to a new state. In Idaho, the cost of daycare services is around $300 – $800 per month, which is relatively lower than the national average.

Moreover, Idaho also offers affordable public and private school options for K-12 education. The average cost of tuition for public schools is around $8,000 per year, while private schools average $10,000 – $12,000 per year.

For higher education, Idaho has several affordable options such as community colleges and state universities with an average cost of tuition ranging from $5,000 – $10,000 per year.

Entertainment and Leisure

Despite its reputation for outdoor activities and natural beauty, Idaho also offers a variety of affordable entertainment options for residents. From museums and cultural events to outdoor festivals and concerts, there is always something to do in the state without breaking the bank.

Moreover, Idaho has numerous public parks and trails that are free to access, making it easy to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors without spending a lot of money. This not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also helps with budgeting for leisure activities.


In terms of taxes, Idaho is considered one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. The state has a low-income tax rate, with a flat rate of 6.9% for all income levels. Additionally, sales tax in Idaho is also relatively low at 6%, and there is no tax on food or prescription drugs.

With its low tax rates and affordable cost of living, Idaho offers a great balance for those looking to save money while still enjoying a high quality of life. This makes it an attractive option for individuals and families looking to relocate or retire cost-effectively.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Other expenses such as clothing, personal care, and household items are also affordable in Idaho. These costs may vary depending on individual spending habits, but overall, the state offers a budget-friendly lifestyle for its residents.

Moreover, Idaho also has a strong economy, with various job opportunities and a low unemployment rate. This can help individuals and families save even more money on their overall expenses. Plus, with its friendly and welcoming community, living in Idaho offers a sense of belonging and support that is invaluable.

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Discover the Average Cost of Living in Idaho

The average cost of living in Idaho is significantly lower compared to other states, making it an attractive option for individuals and families looking to save money while still enjoying a high quality of life. Idaho indeed offers the perfect balance of affordability and comfort.

So if you’re considering a move or just curious about this gem state, don’t hesitate to explore all the budget-friendly opportunities that Idaho has to offer. With its welcoming atmosphere and abundance of natural beauty, you’ll feel right at home in this affordable state.

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