3 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

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NFTs are getting more popular nowadays, and more people are interested in investing in them. You can find various types of NFTs in various decentralized finance platforms, which you can buy with your crypto assets. The creators might sell their NFTs as pictures, clips, artworks, or many others. This article will feature 3 most expensive NFTs ever sold.

Most Expensive NFTs

Benefits of Selling NFTs (Non-Fungible Token)

NFT allows you to turn your digital stuff, such as picture, artwork, video clip, and so on, into a crypto investment that you can sell in various blockchain networks. Most blockchain networks have decentralized platforms that allow you to buy and sell crypto assets with no centralized system mediating the transactions. So, you can sell your digital artworks and other assets to other users without having to pay for the middlemen.

Here are the benefits of selling NFTs:

  • You will give the opportunity for the buyers to invest in your NFT for the potential price rise in the future.
  • NFTs contain unique digital assets that anyone can trade on the crypto platforms, so it is a one-of-a-kind crypto
  • You can sell NFTs for as much money as you want, whether by using an auction house or by putting the price tag on them.
  • NFTs are collectible stuff that nobody else can fake, so you can sell your collectibles as NFTs, and people can buy your collectibles with the real original signature.
  • You can store the NFTs in the blockchain network forever, meaning that nobody else can change the metadata in it, and also, the blockchain network can’t change or remove it.

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Things that Make NFTs Unique

Why choose NFT over other cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens? One reason is because NFTs are exceptional. It is a one-of-a-kind of crypto investment you can make. You can invest in various crypto tokens out there, but everybody else can have the same digital assets as you. However, when you invest in NFTs, nobody else can have the same digital assets as you. This is something that makes NFTs unique, as they are collectible and original.

The original creators for any NFTs will only have one copy of their digital stuff to sell as a non-fungible token to the buyer. After they sell it, even the original creators will no longer have the original NFTs with them, as the rights and ownerships will get transferred to the buyers. So, this kind of uniqueness makes the NFTs rise in popularity as one of the most sought-after digital assets people want to invest in.

Here are 3 most expensive NFTs ever sold:

NFT #1 – Everydays – The First 5000 Days

Everydays – The First 5000 Days is an NFT that contains around 5000 digital artworks by Beeple. These digital artworks came from the artworks made by Beeple in the first 5000 days, starting in May 2007. Each day, Beeple made an artwork without missing even a single day. This compilation represents the hard work Beeple made in creating the artworks since the first day.

Here are some interesting things about this NFT:

  • This NFT got sold for around $69,000,000, which is a massive amount of money to spend on an NFT.
  • This NFT was sold by the auction house called Christie’s, and this was the first digital auction held by this auction house.
  • The artworks have their own styles and themes, with each artwork leaning more on the satirical or dystopian settings.
  • Beeple is a famous artist that belongs to the list of most expensive living artists in the world based on the auction prices.
  • This NFT presents one big picture containing all the 5000 artworks made by Beeple.

NFT #2 – The First Twitter Tweet

Another expensive NFT ever sold is The First Twitter Tweet. This is the NFT that contains the first tweet from the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. This NFT got sold as a token signed and verified by the NFT creator himself. The sale of this NFT was part of a fundraiser program to help people in Africa with the financial resources they need and also for the COVID-19 programs they have.

Here are some interesting things about this NFT:

  • Jack Dorsey made the first ever tweet in 2006 when he built the Twitter platform for the first time.
  • The tweet was still available in Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account, but the NFT version would have the signature that makes it unique and impossible to fake.
  • This NFT was sold for around USD $2.9 million to the CEO of Bridge Oracle.
  • The funds from this sale went to the charity organization with the aims to help African people with the needed financial resources and their COVID-19 relief programs.
  • The first tweet reads: just setting up my twttr.

NFT #3 – Forever Rose

Forever Rose is an NFT sold in the Ethereum blockchain network by Kevin Abosch, who is a pioneer in crypto art. This NFT is an art containing an image of a rose captured in the black background. The image has its own uniqueness that makes it to become one of the best in the abstract artwork category, and that’s why this NFT got sold at a high price. It got sold in 2018, and it was the most expensive virtual artwork ever sold.

Here are some interesting things about this NFT:

  • Forever Rose was sold for $1,000,000 by Kevin Abosch, who is a pioneer in crypto art.
  • This NFT got sold on Valentine’s Day 2018 as an abstract artwork with its own uniqueness.
  • It got sold in the Ethereum blockchain network.
  • It’s a photo of a rose with a black background, giving the sense of full focus to the rose, revealing its beauty.
  • At the time of selling this NFT, it was the most expensive digital artwork ever sold.

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These are the most expensive NFTs ever sold. These non-fungible tokens have broken the world record for being the most valuable digital assets anybody can have. There are still plenty of NFTs that have sold for millions of dollars, and in the future, there will be even more NFTs being sold for an enormous amount of money or crypto assets.

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