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How to Gift Bitcoin?

How to Gift Bitcoin?



Many Bitcoin and cryptocurrency platforms will allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin and other crypto-assets for yourself. You might wonder if there is a way for you to send Bitcoin or other crypto assets to others. This is a good idea, considering the popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency right now.

How to Gift Bitcoin

Some people might not have any crypto wallets just yet. Can you send the Bitcoin gift to them? In this guide, you will learn how to give Bitcoin to others. Keep reading.

Is It Possible to Give Bitcoin to Others?

Just like other stuff you can buy, you can give your Bitcoin to others. You can send Bitcoin as a gift to your friends or family members just by sending the Bitcoin to their Bitcoin wallets, which would achieve the purpose of this guide. But it is not as simple as that.

How about the people who don’t have any Bitcoin wallets and don’t know about cryptocurrency at all? Can you give them Bitcoin as well?

The answer is yes. You can use Bitcoin as a gift even to the people who don’t trade in cryptocurrencies or don’t know about cryptocurrency at all.

There are various methods you can use to send them the Bitcoin gift, and these methods don’t involve any complicated steps. It’s just like buying Bitcoin as usual. The difference would be that you are buying Bitcoin for other people.

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What the Recipient Needs to Do to Accept Bitcoin Gift?

It would be better for the recipient to have a Bitcoin wallet so that they can accept your Bitcoin gift through their wallet. However, you can just send them the Bitcoin gift via other methods if you don’t know whether they have any Bitcoin wallets.

For instance, there are services out there that allow you to buy Bitcoin gift cards. You can use these services to buy gift cards, which the recipient can redeem as Bitcoin. 

There is also the possibility to use physical Bitcoin wallets, which you can give to others. The physical Bitcoin wallets include the ledger and paper wallets.

You can buy Bitcoin as usual and store it in the ledger or paper wallet, and give the physical wallet to the recipient. Others can keep the wallet just like they would keep any physical asset.

There’s also the Biterica method, which involves buying Bitcoin using the Biterica platform. Let’s dive into these methods one by one.

1. The Bitcoin Gift Card Method

The easiest method to give Bitcoin to others is by buying Bitcoin gift cards. There are various distributors that sell Bitcoin gift cards. You can buy from them to get the gift card ready for you to send to the recipient.

However, be sure to buy only from official and trusted distributors. It will be the same as when you buy gift cards for other things, such as money vouchers, shop vouchers, and so on.

You can buy the gift card and send the code to your recipient’s email, or you can buy the gift card and print them out. You can give the printed version of the gift card to the recipient.

Some online distributors will also provide you with the gift-wrapping option you can use to beautify your gift card.

2. The Ledger and Paper Wallet Method

Another method you can use is to buy the Bitcoin asset and store it in the ledger or paper wallet. The ledger wallet is the physical wallet for Bitcoin, which contains information about the important keys the user can use to access their crypto asset. The ledger wallet is often offered as a device similar to a USB stick.

You can give this device to the recipient, which will then connect to the blockchain network to access their Bitcoin asset.

Also, there is the paper wallet method. With a paper wallet, you can give the Bitcoin asset like a piece of paper, just like the printed gift card. Then, the recipient can access their crypto-asset by scanning the QR code printed on the paper wallet using their mobile device. However, they need to install the blockchain app on their mobile device to access the crypto-asset you give them. Be sure to let them know about that.

3. The Biterica Method

Biterica is an online service that allows users to gift Bitcoin to other users. It allows you to send crypto gifts to other people and surprise them with the gift. The only thing that you need to prepare is the email address of the recipient.

Biterica will then send your Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to the provided email address. Of course, you can choose the amount to give to other people as you see fit.

Security and privacy are the priority for any Biterica user. With this online service, personalizing the crypto gift you send to the recipient is also possible.

You can budget the crypto gift to send to your recipient, choose the gift theme you want to use, and add a personal note to the recipient before you send the crypto gift to them. Also, the gifting process will just take around 2 minutes.

You don’t need to wait for days for the gift to arrive at your recipient’s email. They can also open the Bitcoin gift and redeem it as soon as possible. It’s an excellent Bitcoin gifting service provider you should try.

Also, check out, if you are looking for some good bitcoin trading software for your own personal use.


Giving Bitcoin to others is something that you can do with ease today. You don’t need to ask the recipient about the address of their Bitcoin wallet. They might not have it yet.

However, you can send the Bitcoin gift in various ways, even when the recipient doesn’t have an active Bitcoin wallet with them.

Most of the time, if you want to send the Bitcoin gift via a digital method, you just need the recipient’s email address ready for them to receive the gift.

You can also send the Bitcoin gift using physical methods, such as a ledger and paper wallet. So, there are various ways you can use to send the gift of Bitcoin to other people.

Just try the one you like the most and send your best crypto gift to the people who matter to you.

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