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Lyca Mobile: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Lyca Mobile: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility



With more than 16 million customers worldwide, attracting a new user every two seconds, Lyca Mobile is a world-leading mobile virtual network operator.

Forming part of the Lyca Group alongside sister subsidiaries like Lycatel, Lyca Mobile combines the power of connectivity with affordability, connecting users all over the world at highly competitive prices.

Lyca Mobile The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

This article will explore the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), exploring the importance of the businesses of today operating in an ethical and sustainable way.

CSR is a crucial management tool that all companies need to fulfil their purpose in a sustainable society. CSR is a business model that involves companies making a concerted effort to adapt their operations to make a positive – rather than a negative – impact on both society and the environment.

CSR programmes can be a great way to enhance employee morale, making workers proud to be associated with their employer. In addition to promoting a positive brand image, CSR also helps to improve different aspects of society.

CSR can be broken down into four categories, namely: ethical responsibility, environmental impacts, financial responsibilities and philanthropic endeavours. Companies that strive to lead the field in terms of CSR include Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks.

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Implementing an effective CSR programme has a variety of different benefits from the company’s perspective. In today’s society, a CSR programme is a ‘need-to-have’ rather than a ‘nice-to-have’, increasing employee engagement, supporting local and global communities and improving employer branding.

CSR not only increases investment and press opportunities but also contributes to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as increasing customer loyalty and retention and ultimately increasing the company’s bottom line.

Although it is unrealistic to expect CSR to be an instant solution to all of the world’s problems, it can do a huge amount of good in local communities. At the same time, CSR is a great way for brands to connect with consumers, keeping them engaged through CSR campaigns that benefit everyone.

CSR helps businesses to show some humanity, connecting with the world in a more personal way. CSR initiatives can be an extremely effective way of contributing to society, presenting the opportunity for businesses to get involved in causes and make a real difference.

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Lyca Mobile’s CSR Activities

Lyca Group’s founder and chairman, Subaskaran Allirajah, recently made a generous donation of rupees 5 crores in support of the Tamil Nadu state government’s flood recovery efforts.

Meeting with Shanmugan, State Financial Secretary of the Chief Minister’s flood relief fund, Mr Allirajah handed over the cheque personally.

The world’s largest mobile virtual network operator, Lyca Mobile prides itself on providing a full spectrum of member benefits, including international calls and high data. Created with the objective of making the lives of its customers easier, Lyca Mobile consistently raises the bar for quality of services.

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