How to Create Your Own NFT?

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As a non-fungible token, NFT is becoming a hot commodity in the world of cryptocurrency nowadays. With NFTs, you can digitize everything and sell it as original and unique digital assets that can be worth a lot of money. The value of NFTs might rise from time to time, depending on various factors, such as the artists, the product itself, the rarity, uniqueness, and so on.

Create Your Own NFT

Creating your own NFT can give you a way to earn more money from your digital work, such as artworks, videos, games, and many others. Then, you can sell your NFTs in the NFT marketplace, which will allow you to buy and sell non-fungible tokens with crypto tokens as the payment method.

Nowadays, it is common for NFTs to have a high value, such as above a million dollars, which is the case when the creators are famous artists or when the NFTs have certain values, such as historical values, artistic values, and so on.

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Why Create Your Own NFT?

Creating your own NFT is quite a simple process. However, should you create your own NFT? Is it necessary for you to sell non-fungible tokens? It’s just a matter of preferences. Remember, by creating an NFT, you will transfer the ownership of your digital collectible to the buyer. Of course, you might change the settings to make it possible for you to earn royalties after selling your NFT. But your ownership of that digital asset will get transferred to the buyer.

As a creator, you can sell your own digital artwork via non-fungible tokens. This way, you can find your own buyers and complete the transaction without the need of a middleman. Also, you can create a name for yourself as an artist when you can sell a valuable NFT to the buyer. There are still various reasons you would want to create your own NFT.

Remember, it’s just one way for you to sell your digital product to the world without losing its originality, as digital files get copied all around, and it would be difficult for anyone to get any real original copy of the file unless you sell it as NFTs.

Introducing the OpenSea Marketplace

There are various marketplaces you can use to sell your non-fungible tokens, but OpenSea marketplace is perhaps the most popular one. OpenSea marketplace is the NFT marketplace connected to the Ethereum blockchain network, so you need to have some ETH assets if you want to use this marketplace to sell your NFTs.

OpenSea marketplace doesn’t require you to pay any fee for joining, and you can list any content for your non-fungible token in this marketplace. There are no moderation processes for the content to get listed on this platform.

Creating an NFT with OpenSea is quite easy. You just need to follow the instructions on this platform to start the selling process for your non-fungible tokens. However, be aware that this marketplace is very popular for listing NFTs, and because the contents go with no moderation of any kind, you can find plenty of NFTs that don’t have any value on this platform. Also, you will have plenty of competition on this platform, as there will be plenty of new NFTs getting listed in the marketplace.

The Requirement – Ethereum Wallet

To use OpenSea, you need to have an ETH wallet connected to it. This is the requirement for using this platform, as it is a part of the Ethereum blockchain. Connecting to your wallet from OpenSea is quite easy. You can do it in various ways, and you just need to choose your most preferable way to connect with your ETH wallet. It also supports the use of WalletConnect in case you are using MetaMask.

You need to connect the ETH wallet in case you need to pay for certain fees related to your NFT sales, and you will also need the wallet to accept the payment for your NFTs.

Steps to Create Your Own NFT with OpenSea

To create your own NFT with OpenSea and sell it on this platform, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions you can find there. First, be sure to connect your ETH wallet to your OpenSea account, as this is the requirement that you need to do before you can do any trade on this platform. Here are the steps to create your own NFT with OpenSea:

  • Look at the top menu and click the Create option there.
  • Then, you need to choose the Create a Collection option.
  • There are some information fields you need to enter, so you need to fill up the information fields related to your NFT.
  • You can click Save after filling out the requested information.
  • The next step you need to do is to mint the non-fungible token on this platform.
  • You need to click New Item, and then you will need to upload your artwork.
  • Fill out the details about the artwork in the required fields.
  • Click Create after filling out all the details about your artwork.
  • Congratulations! You have created an NFT.

What’s Next?

The next step after creating your own NFT is to sell it on the platform. To do this, you just need to open the NFT you have just created, and then select the Sell option. You can determine how you would like to sell it. There’s an option to create an auction for your NFT or create a fixed price for it. Pick the one you prefer the most.

Also, you can add various options to the NFT you are selling, such as the royalties you would like to receive for the subsequent sales. Your NFT will go live in the marketplace, and all you need to do is just wait for people to check it and then buy it from you.

Also, check out the crypto engines app to automate your trading strategies and earn more profits in a short time.


You have learned how to create your own NFT. This guide uses OpenSea as an example, but you can use any other NFT marketplaces available today. The steps you need to do for other marketplaces are almost the same as the one you’ve just learned in this guide.

So, creating and selling your own NFT is quite easy to do. It’s time for you to think of a good content for your NFT and sell it on the NFT marketplace platforms. You might get some nice profits by doing so.

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