How to Stay Anonymous When Signing Up Online?

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Today a phone number by itself has no value to cybercriminals and fraudsters. However, cybercriminals can use it to get the owner’s personal information and use it for their own purposes. This is why you may receive a lot of annoying calls from unknown numbers or spam messages because of such data leakage.

Nowadays it’s no problem to get such data. Cell phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. When downloading another application or registering profiles on social networks and messengers, you will need to confirm your phone number.

Not every organization responsibly to the issue of cybersecurity and often accidentally or even deliberately leak all the information to criminals. That’s how your phone number gets into fraudulent and public databases.

Stay Anonymous When Signing Up

What information fraudsters can get if they know your phone number

After finding out your phone number, fraudsters can use special programs to find out almost any information about you. Knowing your cell phone number, they can easily find not only your first and last name, but also your home address and bank account number. And this information can be used for scams, theft or other purposes. 

One of the biggest loopholes for cybercriminals is messengers. Many people dutifully fill out a profile in Telegram and WhatsApp, and even use their photos. Thanks to this, attackers will know your first, last and patronymic name, as well as know what you look like. Such information is enough to create serious problems.

This information is only available to personal contacts, which means that the fraudster only needs to add you to his Friendlist. Take this into account, and if possible, do not advertise personal information in applications that have public access. 

Open sources such as social networks, messengers, and profiles on popular resources allow fraudsters to enrich the information connected to your mobile number. Moreover, the information can be linked not only to you, but also to your relatives, friends, work and place of residence. This poses a serious threat to your surroundings, including.

Hackers collect all the information they are interested in by phone number manually, as well as by using special algorithms and programs. Further this data is sold on closed resources, where it is bought by big fraudulent companies and spammers.

Different databases have different information: bank accounts, property information, passport data and more. This data is then used against you.

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How to register online anonymously with virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are the cloud-based equivalent of a traditional SIM card, but with limited features. Such mobile numbers are in no way tied to your device or location, and they are completely anonymous to obtain and use. Usually they are used to receive SMS and registering on different sites in order not to disclose your personal data.

SMS-man platform gives you an opportunity to get a virtual phone number for registration in more than 1000 services. Moreover, you can choose the country of mobile operator that you need.

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Advantages of using virtual phone numbers

There are many advantages to using virtual phone numbers, among the most obvious ones are the following: 

  • First, it is the security of your personal data. This method helps you create completely anonymous accounts that cannot be tracked.
  • Secondly, this service can help you to avoid spam and advertising. It is no secret that your personal phone number can be used to personalize ads or newsletters. This is especially true for registrations in online stores and little-known services. 
  • Third, this method will allow you to create many accounts. Many people know that with one phone number you can create only one account. To not resort to buying a separate SIM-card it would be easier to buy a virtual number. Plus, it will be much cheaper.

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