Why Students Prefer Social Media Networks to Writing Activities?

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Students have poor grades because of different reasons. Poor writing skills is one of the most typical ones. Why do they have problems with writing? Thousands of students simply don’t devote enough time to this activity. Most of them prefer social media networks. Youngsters think that a special writing agency will solve all their assignments.

Social Media Networks to Writing Activities

Most students use the assistance of professional essay writing sites similar to AdvancedWriters. This is a dependable paper writing service with multiple academic possibilities. As one of the professional writers says – This writing platform easily fulfills all types of assignments and students always receive the highest grades. Nevertheless, it’s not an eternal solution. Youngsters ought to give more heed to the development of writing skills. Unfortunately, they prefer social media networks. Let’s check the factors, which affect their choice.

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Staying Up to Date

A special global survey, called Students’ Online Usage Report, showed that the main factor why students use social media is the necessity to be up to date. It’s remarkable that this factor was the leader on every continent. Writing activities would be hardly as interesting as what currently happens in your country and around the world. Students prefer surfing the Internet for the development of their writing skills.

Regional Differences

Not all students spend the same time on social media. Regional differences and mentalities play an important role. Thus, folks from the USA and Canada have pretty the same preferences as those in Europe. Nevertheless, people from Latin America are simply driven by the interest factor and don’t like to write multiple blogs and post their images. Africans commonly want to establish helpful connections. Users from Asia commonly want to express their opinion. Consequently, their attitude towards writing activities differs too. People who simply want to spend their time on socializing don’t properly develop their skills.

The Factor of Age

A study carried out by Psychology Today revealed an interesting outcome. An important factor that affects the choice of social media is the age of the users. If pupils of primary schools are obsessed with cell phones, adult students get addicted to social media. The scientists claim that this phenomenon is predetermined with age peculiarities and changes when we grow older.

A Desire to Belong to a Community

Humans are social identifies and they naturally desire to belong to a certain community. People with similar interests can be quickly and easily found on the Internet. They may be from the neighboring city or country, as well as from another continent. Thanks to the speed and resourcefulness of the World Web it’s likewise easy to expand those communities.

Expressing Yourself

Many teenagers simply want to tell what lies in their hearts. Social media networks are perfect mediums to do that. There are multiple features to fulfill this desire in an original way and make it noticeable and popular everywhere. Sometimes, it helps to improve writing skills.

Learning More

Some students remain logical and reasonable. They use social media platforms because they provide heaps of all sorts of information. It’s possible to learn some effective prompts to improve writing skills and establish useful connections. Notwithstanding, most students find information on social media to simply have fun.


Another study tried to identify the main reasons why students actively hand on social media. Check the results:

  1. Staying in touch with friends;
  2. Staying up-to-date;
  3. Filling up spare time;
  4. Finding entertaining content;
  5. Networking with other people;
  6. Because friends moved there;
  7. Sharing photos and videos;
  8. Sharing my opinion;
  9. Researching new products to buy;
  10. Meeting new people.

As you can see, some of the factors were highlighted in our article. The others are quite new and weird. For example, we’re puzzled when students join social media networks because their friends are already there and they simply want to fill up their spare time. They should be more reasonable and pay more attention to writing activities if they have that time. Unfortunately, youngsters have a different opinion.

The Main Features of Popular Social Media Platforms

It’s also worth mentioning the main purposes of different platforms. If you know what they are designed for, you’ll receive a better understanding of why students prefer them. Here is a list of the most popular social media platforms:

  • The largest platform, which allows sending messages, leaving posts, downloading photos and videos.
  • It’s commonly used to find job propositions and solve professional issues.
  • Similar to Facebook, it provides the same functions but is presented in a more creative and entertaining form.
  • A special niche where people simply leave their thoughts and can have multiple followers.
  • An entertaining platform, which provides varied video content.
  • An excellent platform to find inspiration and creative ideas to work, have fun, etc.

We’d like to remind you of the age preferences. The age of users directly affects their choices of social media. Teenagers prefer Instagram and YouTube. Schoolers and younger children stick to YouTube. People over 30 choose LinkedIn and Facebook, etc.

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These facts are terrifying. Students spend too much time on social media and lose interest in writing activities thanks to different attractive possibilities offered by famous platforms. It’s possible to use social media for educational purposes too. Students should understand this variant and use their time reasonably. Otherwise, their learning abilities will be quite poor, as well as the results of their tests.

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