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3 Social Media Mistakes You Are Making And How To Avoid Them?

3 Social Media Mistakes You Are Making And How To Avoid Them?



Are you scaring off social media buddies on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? You need to become well versed in social media etiquette. Too few social media users hop on the network with a clear and definite plan in mind. This results in tons of spamming and repelling.

Social Media Mistakes

You cannot use social media sites as a broadcasting station and expect people to warm up to you. People also buy Instagram followers and Facebook likes to boost their brand exposure.

If you view people as tools and use them as tools, you will certainly repel most individuals on social sites. This is why you need to use networks like Facebook with proper intent in mind. Simply view the medium as a channel of communication. Imagine yourself calling someone on the phone and blabbering about your opportunity before you introduce yourself? This is exactly how most people treat websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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It is no wonder why so few people avoid these mistakes, because most never look at social sites as communication channels. The spamming, endless pitching, and lack of listening are grave errors which will certainly turn off virtually every social media user you have a chance to connect with.

Endless Pitching

You know who I am talking about. The person who posts all business stuff, all the time. This is like someone walking into a party and jamming their business card into every person’s hand, neglecting to be social. Who likes someone who talks business all the time? It is boring, and frankly, it shows the person has no life. If you pitch people endlessly, if all you do is talk about your latest and greatest game-changer on social sites, you will turn people off.

Nobody likes to be sold to day after day. You like to connect with other human beings, to talk about stuff other than business, on social sites. Yes, you can share your squeeze page link. Yes, you can promote your business. But you need to reach out to people, to make a personal connection with folks, and endless pitching is not the way to do it.

Playing the Dreaded Numbers Game

One quick way to make a massive mistake on social media sites is to play the silly numbers game. You begin to chase numbers and forget the people you are dealing with, which of course creates a dangerous disconnect. Numbers do not put money in your pocket. Relationships do. If you are willing to build relationships patiently and forget about chasing the number of followers you have on Twitter you can make wonderful things happen on social media sites.

No Face

I am mystified by the number of people who refuse to post their photos on social networking sites. How can you be trusted if people cannot see you? You need to be transparent if you expect to gain the trust of your buddies, and posting a smiling headshot of yourself is the best way to be transparent.

Be you, and of course, share an image of you, to more easily connect with people.

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Be sociable on social media websites. Stop pushing your opportunity down people’s throats. Be engaging, and make sure to post a picture of yourself on social networks. Rock out social media sites by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes.

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