Modern Innovative Technologies In Polish Education

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It’s a well-known fact that Polish education is considered to be one of the best in Europe. Thousands of students from neighboring countries come to Poland and enter their universities. However, not only the higher education sector enjoys popularity among foreigners. Many people also value primary school education because the Polish education sector is open to innovations and takes everything that can enhance the educational potential of the country.   

Nowadays, the Internet has opened lots of opportunities for many services, which people actively use for their every day and other specific needs. For example, the entertainment sector is continually evolving here. Online casinos with a variety of casino games attract the attention of players by welcoming bonuses and other interesting features. Gambling enthusiasts can search for “legalne casino online” (which means legal casino online in Polish) in their search engine and play their favorite games. Other people use the Internet for educational purposes to gain new knowledge. Understanding the value and opportunities of the world wide web, the Polish Ministry of education decided to implement many new Internet-based programs for various pieces of knowledge.  

Innovative Technologies In Polish Education

The innovative technologies include the following:

  • implementation of programming classes;
  • distribution of stable Internet connection;
  • introduction of interactive whiteboards and other facilities
  • presence of e-learning materials.

Financing of Polish Schools

It was recently announced that schools in Poland would receive billions of zloty for modern educational technologies. This was announced by government representatives during the conference “Welcome to school. The latest technologies in schools”. This conference was organized by the edTech Poland foundation, which is engaged in the development of educational technologies. Funds from the EU and the Polish government will be allocated, in particular, for innovative teaching aids, courses for teachers, and equipment for educational facilities. 

The Prime Minister, representative of the country in the sphere of education and technologies, has declared that the Polish education sector would soon feel tremendous investments. They said that at least 20% of the funds from the National Reconstruction Plan would be directed to the development of digital technologies. In the nearest future, they will also launch the “Digital Commune” program. Under this program, poor families will receive funds for modern education. In such a way, the government demonstrates its need in a clever generation where the state takes care of its citizens. 

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Education Reforms and IT Sector

In 2016, the Ministry of Education implemented a digitalization program for schools in Poland. According to this program, students in schools started to learn programming classes. Thus, computer education started to include the required skills of programming. In the preamble to the new implementation, it was underlined that the primary aim of the school is to teach students the required pieces of knowledge and skills for solving various problems. The way of gaining knowledge should include informatics, programming, logical thinking, and the ability to find all the necessary information online.

As a result of new implementations, every province in Poland has established a responsible person for controlling innovations in education. The pilot launch of the program was conducted in more than 2000 schools throughout Poland. The positive outcomes motivated the government to follow the new direction in school education. All the computer studies were introduced to the curriculum in the first grade. 

Of course, the introduction of programming in the school curriculum requires the corresponding skills from the teachers. For this, special courses were introduced for teachers of all levels. 

Internet Accessibility for Schools

Modern innovative technologies are effective only when the educational facility is connected to broadband Internet. Especially, this focus was made on the rural areas, where about a decade ago, there were difficulties with it. 

After the connection of all schools, without exceptions, to the Internet, it becomes possible to implement educational e-resources. Thus, e-textbooks started to be used during classes on a regular basis. For those, who cannot afford computers or notebooks, the government allocated the funds for buying the necessary equipment for home education. Especially this becomes important in times of pandemics and other threats that prevent students from attending school. 

Other Educational Equipment

The new educational initiatives do not include only e-textbooks. The educational equipment was included in the list of required items as well. They include interactive whiteboards, touch screens, speakers, projectors for presentations, and other equipment for the introduction of audio and visual materials. Additionally, the funds were allocated for the art corners because the absence of visualization in this sphere is impossible. 

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Final Words

As can be seen, the implementation of modern innovative technologies is a call of the time. New technologies in education facilitate the perception of educational material because they implement several senses of perception. It is well-known that such an approach ensures a better understanding and comprehension of the subjects. As a result, the Polish educational sector has become a concurrent among other European countries. 

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