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5 Ways To Overcome The Challenges Faced With Student Participation

5 Ways To Overcome The Challenges Faced With Student Participation



For effective teaching and learning and meeting the educational goals, the participation of students in the classroom is very important. To understand well, communicate better, share your thoughts, and receive feedback to enhance your learning skills, participation in the classroom plays a significant role for the students.

5 Ways To Overcome The Challenges Faced With Student Participation

While some students are quite participative in the classes some are reluctant to do it as well. And this makes teaching and learning less effective. Let us discuss the challenges faced by the teachers in making the class participatory. 

Challenges faced in student’s participation  in the classroom

1. Inappropriate teaching methods

In a classroom, there are different types of students. All are different in terms of learning and performing. When the teaching method is not correct, participation in the class is affected.

An only teacher-centered approach where a teacher teaches and students simply listen is not effective in this regard. When students don’t get an opportunity to speak up and get involved they lose interest, furthermore participate less too. 

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2. Concentration issues

We all know what important role concentration plays in our lives. To complete work effectively, concentration is a necessity. The same goes for participation. It is important for students to concentrate well in the classes, listen to the teachers speaking, and also to the other batch mates.

When students don’t concentrate properly in the classes, they miss the flow of active listening. This makes them understand less and also affects their participation in the classroom. 

3. Lack of discipline

Discipline plays an important role in effective learning in the classroom. Participation in the classes is also affected by students being undisciplined. Talking in between the classes, whispering with friends, affect your listening and understanding skills.

Not only yours but the whole classroom environment gets disturbed due to this. With this participation of the students is reduced in the classes. Lack of listening to the teachers, interrupting in between, judging, laughing, feeling distracted all come under indiscipline.

4. A doubtful mind 

Clarity of mind is very important to relate to the topics and participate in the classes. When students have doubts in mind, they lack a proper understanding which makes them relate less to the topics being discussed in the class and affects their participation. 

5. Monotonous teaching tools 

Only teaching by using textbooks and guides, reading out the topics from the books is not a very engaging teaching tool. When teachers do not make their classes interesting by using creative content and technology to teach, classroom participation is reduced. 

Enhance student participation: tips for teachers

Don’t keep your classes too long 

Whenever we do work for longer, getting tired and less effective with it happens. The same goes for classroom time. When the lectures are too long, it becomes difficult to focus. They lose their attention very easily because of this.

Hence all teachers must remember to keep the class duration short. This will help you to teach online as well as in the traditional classroom effectively and ensure a participatory class. A duration of thirty to forty minutes of class is enough to make students interested and interactive. 

Have interesting participatory activities

We all know that something which is not interesting becomes difficult to do. To ensure that students are motivated and encouraged, ensure to have different and interesting activities for the students. Avoid monotonous practice and be creative.

Have group discussions on interesting topics, having question-answer rounds, debates, competitions, recitations, and presentations. Different activities will encourage students to come forward and participate in the classes. 

Focus on all

Your participation session should not be limited to the active participants only. In a class, there are different types of students. Some are quite active to speak up and share while some stay reserved and quiet.

To work and make the whole classroom environment engaging make sure to focus on all the students. Interact with all the students both in online classes as well as the conventional rooms. This helps teachers how to teach online effectively, and makes all students more participative. 

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Only teaching and explaining the lessons and students simply listening in the classroom is not suitable for the effective growth and development of the students in academics.

Hence participation in classes is important. We discussed a few reasons that teachers must be facing while making students participate in the class. But every problem has a solution.

By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can make students participate better and create an environment where students foster several learning skills like communication, listening, public speaking, confidence, and self-studies. 

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