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How to Create an Account Based Marketing Plan?



Account based marketing (ABM) has the potential to revolutionize the entire marketing industry. Yet companies aren’t using it to its full potential. 

If you want to get ahead of the competition, you’re going to want to create an ABM plan. But how do you make this marketing content plan?

We want to help you find the answer by walking you through the process. By the end, you’re going to be ready to implement ABM and change your business forever. So read on.

Marketing Plan

Establish Your Goals

The cornerstone of all successful types of marketing plans is goal-setting. Establishing clear, achievable goals helps hone your team’s focus. It determines which actions are necessary to move the needle.

To get you started, consider how you plan to use ABM to contribute to the company’s objectives. This includes the acquisition of new customers and retention of current customers. It might also involve the growth of revenue and expansion into new markets.

From there, look at the specific number of accounts you’d like to acquire within a certain time frame. With a well-defined goal structure in place, your team will be well-positioned to create an effective and impactful ABM plan.

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Identify Your Ideal Target Audience

For a successful ABM, profiles of the most valuable accounts need developing, and target accounts need assessing. You need to identify the industries, company sizes, technologies used, and any other criteria that make up the targets. 

You also need to evaluate where prospects fit within your target market based on their business objectives. Along with customer profiles, create buyer personas or profiles to target and engage with your target audience.

Using this data, you can design and customize ABM campaigns. You can tailor them to the characteristics of your ideal target audience. 

Define Your Messaging Strategy

You need to clearly define what you want to communicate with each of your buyers or accounts. Once you’ve defined the messages, create a process for delivering those messages to the right person or account.

Emphasis on account-level customer relationship management (CRM), will ensure that you reach the right people. Consider using segmentation, targeting, and personalization tactics. This will ensure the right messages are getting to the right people at the right time. 

Create an Online Presence

The first step in creating effective online marketing strategies is to build trust and credibility. So start with engaging in multi-channel outreach such as direct mail, social media, blogs, and other earned media channels. Use a combination of tactics tailored to your customers.

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Measure and Optimize for Success

Measurement and optimization are critical components of a successful ABM program. So You should track each account’s progress through the funnel to optimize and fine-tune the plan. Take into account total revenue, average sale price, total leads, and average lead quality. 

All of this information should be used to make sure strategies are tailored to each account’s behavior. It will ensure that your marketing efforts are driving the desired outcomes for each account.

Follow Our Guide to Develop an Effective Account Based Marketing Plan

An account-based marketing plan can be a great tool for engaging your high-level targets. It can drive long-term ROI for your business.

You just need careful planning, successful implementation, and ongoing management. Then, you can create a plan that works best for your organization.

Ready to tailor your ABM strategy? Start crafting your plan today.

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