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Social Media Networks and Its Impact on Student Life

Social Media Networks and Its Impact on Student Life



Nowadays, the Internet provides us with multiple advantages that were impossible some 20 years ago. Amongst the most important benefits are the possibility to find information and share it with other people. Thus, millions of people spend time on social media networks similar to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Most college and university students adore social media and it brings a lot of dividends.

Social Media Networks

For example, students may have problems with writing their academic papers. Thus, they can find a professional student essay writing service like CustomWritings, which can help to write any paper online. A legitimate academic writing company helps to enhance learning skills and submit assignments on time. In the meanwhile, many people are against frequent use of social media platforms. It should be said that this matter has advantages and disadvantages. We’ll highlight them here below.

Positive Outcomes

Firstly, let’s discuss the positive aspects of using social media networks. They are actually important and helpful. Consider the following points:

  • More Freedom

One of the frequently omitted benefits of social media platforms is freedom of choice. Many parents don’t realize how important chatting on social media may be. Students receive multiple possibilities to express themselves, find friends with similar interests, have fun, relax, etc. Different platforms offer various themes, which surely meet the needs and preferences of everyone.

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  • Access to Helpful Sites

Thanks to the vivid content of social media, students access different websites that can help to solve their academic complications. They don’t simply have some entertainment content. They likewise provide educational content. Students can join educational communities and groups, which discuss and help to overcome the typical academic problems. One may find recommendations of trustworthy writing companies to cope with his/her problems faster and more effectively.

  • Faster Development of Skills

As students access multiple useful websites, they automatically receive more chances to improve their learning skills. Different webinars and workshops, guides and tutorials, writing companies and personal tutors teach how to become better. Students are free to choose various methods of learning and define the most suitable learning style to improve their skills and complete assignments quickly and appropriately.

  • Improved Collaboration

Education is based on collaborative skills too. Working in pairs or small groups is one of the fastest and most productive ways of solving academic problems. Besides, students can keep in touch with their teachers/professors to make the necessary corrections or ask important questions. Social media allows for ensuring that.

  • Part-Time Jobs

Social media networks provide all types of information. Using the right groups, youngsters can even find part-time jobs. These are commonly online jobs, like freelancing or web designing. Accordingly, students earn money and gain essential experience.

Great Drawbacks

Secondly, we should mention and analyze potential disadvantages. We say “potential” because many students use social media platforms for good reasons. Make allowances for the next essential:

  • Addiction

One of the most typical drawbacks of online life is to misuse social media platforms. Students spend many hours every day to interchange messages, “like” somebody’s posts, leave comments, post photos, or simply reviewing content without any distinct purpose. Each day the time spent on online socializing increases and it leads to a persistent addiction. Thus, students lose interest in other spheres of life.

  • Problems with Health

Addiction and unregulated access to the Internet induce different health ailments and deviations. As a person has to commonly sit, he/she moves less and it leads to physical weakness. When students move less, they gain excess weight, which induces many other severe ailments. The eyes are exposed to the harmful influence of the “blue screen” and your sight becomes damaged. Some situations may lead even to fool blindness.

  • Social Isolation

Another reason to get alarmed is a problem with communication. Spending heaps of time on social media, students forget how to communicate in real life. They isolate themselves from society and can freely communicate only online.

  • Disinformation

There is a dangerous tendency of trusting everything that appears online. Students get addicted to their favorite platforms and blindly believe every word written there. Many students use unchecked information to write their academic assignments.

  • Poor Scores

Finally, all the mentioned above drawbacks negatively reflect on the academic progress. Addiction takes away time, which could be spent on learning. Physical and mental health problems don’t allow for living a normal way of life. The use of wrong information sources makes assignments worthless. Thus, students receive poor grades and cannot become qualified experts after graduation.

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Now that you know all the pros and cons, you’ll understand the issue of using social media networks better. Many students harm their academic and personal life if they misuse such platforms. On the other hand, they can find many useful sources to improve their skills, enlarge knowledge, and enhance the academic score. It’s only necessary to be reasonable.

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