How to Work with Old Blog Content? 7 SEO Hacks to Get Traffic

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It is relatively easy to upgrade your unpublished content so that it meets the basic and most important SEO requirements. Tuning your old blog content to make it visible online is a much more difficult task. However, there are some recommendations that can help you boost website traffic through your old blog posts.

Google Analytics SEO Hacks

Marketers from admit that they use several of such hacks for their old blog posts. They say that as SEO requirements change often, it is hard to write something that would meet these standards for a longer period of time. Writing new content is not always cost-effective. This is why sometimes such tricks can really save once informative content.

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Analyze Your Older Posts

Before making any changes, you need to gather analytics and decide what content really needs changes. Those posts that have mid-range or low rankings are the ones that should draw your attention. The content that still receives due attention from readers does not need to be edited for now.

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Read those posts and decide what exactly can be changed, and whether such changes are productive. For example, you may need to add more information to cover the topic, work on keywords and semantics, update numerical information, etc. You need to have a strategy before you actually start doing something.

Update Your Content

There is no need to rewrite the entire blog post if you find its’ topic and content still relevant. You can make some adjustments, add new information, or even a single paragraph, and the date of your post will be automatically altered.

For Google and other search engines, the date of publication matters a lot. The information changes quickly, and they tend to show more recent publications first. With your date changed, your old blog post has better chances of getting noticed.

Improve Click-Through Rating

However, the date is not the only criterion that generates traffic to your older posts. A stronger position in Google search results always belongs to posts with more captivating headlines and descriptions. Try changing the information which your reader will see first, and you are likely to generate more traffic.

People react to attention-grabbing and intriguing meta descriptions. They are also interested in articles whose headlines promise that their problem will be solved. Edit this information, and you will give your older blog posts a new life.

Proofread the Text

If your old blog posts are compromised with grammar or spelling mistakes, it can be the reason why they get low ratings. Often, even the smallest changes, such as reduction of repetitive words or elimination of a cringe-worthy spelling mistake can lead to a significant traffic increase. Do not underestimate this hack.

The best thing to do is to run the content through grammar and spell-check. Whatever your next strategy is, getting rid of mistakes is never the wrong thing to do.

Review the Main Keywords

Your old blog post may not be getting enough attention because the keywords you used while writing are no longer relevant. People may be searching for your product or service, entering other words and word combinations.

Thus, all you need to do is to use keyword search software that would automatically generate the best keywords for your post. Verify them against the ones you used and update the text if needed.

Improve Readability

While updating your older content, you might not focus enough on its readability. Requirements to this aspect of SEO have also changed, and your blog post may simply need a small update.

If you notice long paragraphs or too complex sentences, try dividing them. Use sub-headings to make the text more appealing. You can also insert some visuals to split up the set of data and information you offer. Write about important things simpler, and your old blog will definitely get another chance.

Add External and Internal Links

Link-building is a relatively new trend, so you could miss it while writing and publishing your older posts. However, adding internal and external links helps to make your content more visible. It also aims to get rid of repetitions, sending readers directly to the source of information.

On the SEO level, links help to make your content connected with other information online. Your blog post then will appear when somebody looks for additional resources or comes up as suggestions for further reading.

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Wrapping Up

Rewriting blog posts whenever you find out about new trends in copywriting and SEO is both time and cost-ineffective. However, reviewing your older content should be something you do regularly.

The abovementioned SEO hacks will let help you make the most of older content without making major changes to once-great texts. With the help of special software, the entire process will take no longer than a few minutes per post.

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