11 Android Apps for Your Smartwatches

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Google makes it quite easy to find innovative smartwatch applications for your Wear OS gadget, including a pared-down version of Google Play accessible right on your wrist. In the Wear OS version, you’ll discover a list of popular apps, a few useful categories, and even a directory of apps on your smartphone that already have smartwatch adaptations available.


Since it can be so challenging to examine and filter through the thousands of smartwatch app alternatives on such a small screen, we’ve put together 11 Android apps for your affordable smartwatches from Omega or any other brand, for that matter. They will surely help intensify your productivity, access relevant information, and even stay amused when you’re away from your smartphone.

1. Citymapper

Citymapper brings up-to-date information to your smartwatch while you’re enjoying a leisurely walk through a new city or desire to obtain the status of your public vehicle at home. It informs you about real-time taxi, ferry, bus, and train data and delivers you the best route feasible.

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2. Infinity Loop

Small display size on an Android smartwatch doesn’t indicate that you can’t have enjoyment with some appealing games. There are only limited gaming Wear OS apps for watches that truly entertain users. Infinity Loop, however, breaks the barrier and delights you surprisingly. 

The game is easy yet enjoyable, and its calming puzzles can make the time pass in the flicker of your eye. This gaming app is fantastic to use when you’re waiting for the bus or standing in line.

3. ParKing

ParKing is a convenient little app that is created to take the stress out of recalling where you parked your car. When you install this app on your smartwatch, all you need to do is tap the small car icon to record where your car is parked. When it comes to finding your vehicle, you can zoom in on a Google Maps viewpoint of its precise location.

4. Calm

Meditation and sound sleep are the secrets behind ingenious minds, and Calm app is here to get everyone to feel rejuvenated. The app with its contemplation lessons aids Android smartwatch users with a regular meditation routine.

5. Lifesum

With Lifesum, it’s like getting a personal lifestyle and health handbook on your wrist. No matter what your lifestyle aspirations are — eat healthier, lose weight, build muscle, etc. — Lifesum can assist you in getting there.

6. Sleep as Android

Typical alarm clocks disregard your sleep cycles. They wake you up as scheduled even when you’re still in your deep sleep cycle. No one can deny it; waking up from a comfortable sleep is horrible. It makes you weary, and it may adversely impinge on your productivity during the day. 

Sleep as Android is distinct. It tracks your sleep cycle to learn the best possible instant for you to wake up. 

7. Bring

No one has ever imagined that wearing a smartwatch can assist them in preparing the grocery list. It’s usually one of the best and most creative Android wear apps utilized for creating a categorized shopping list. Now, with Bring, you can anytime organize the list of items straight from your smartwatch by using the items library offered with this Android wear app.

8. App in the Air

If you’re in flight, you’re not going to get a better personal assistant than App in the Air. This app offers you all your flight info straight on your wrist, including flight status and real-time boarding. You’ll also get airport maps and tips. 

9. Glide

Making video calls these days is a child’s work with your smartphone. But haven’t you imagined having a video call straight from your wrist? Today, you can do that with Glide Android wear app.

All you need to do is launch Glide on your Android wristwatch alongside on your paired smartphone since its operation still hangs on the paired device. Upon matching, you can have video messages, send audio, and record videos, too.

10. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder app is intended to remind you to drink at frequent periods so that you get in an ideal amount of water established on your weight and height. All you have to do is enter your weight, and this app will find out how much water you need every day.

11. Calculator

If you’re a genius at mental math, then needing a calculator on your wrist may not have that very much charm. But for the rest of us, this Google’s essential calculator app is a fantastic solution to the bulky calculator watches that take the nuisance out of calculating tips.

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Smartwatches are technological devices that can assist you to be more fruitful, productive, and get more out of your long day. They can also support in improving your health and lifestyle by tracking your fitness goals. However, smartwatches can accomplish more than that. The apps that are accessible for smartwatches keep on developing, and for sure, there are a lot of apps out there for everybody’s needs.

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