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9 SEO Writing Tricks to Help Outdo Your Competitors

9 SEO Writing Tricks to Help Outdo Your Competitors  



In the last twenty-five years, search engines have had their history. In the olden day’s expectation of an increase in engine ranking was publishing content with low quality and wafer-thin higher volumes. Much as a science, SEO is also an art.

Digital marketers and online writers need to understand the ranking factors, learn about the prioritization of searcher intent, valuable publishing, and more. This best thesis writing service post takes you through nine tips that will help you improve your ranking. The tips will help you write better than your competitors. 

9 SEO Writing Tricks to Help Outdo Your Competitors

Here are the nine tips to help you defeat your competition in results of search engines;

Understanding the Ranking Factors for Search Engines

Before defeating your competitors, you may need to know how the search engine works what they look at during ranking and evaluation of the content. There are four main factors; search structure, HTML tags, links, and contents. 

Content is king

The number one Google ranking factor is content. Publishing any content on a pillar page website or blog should be clear on the specific topic, in bold and well written. The most important one is the provision of value to readers.

There are several ranking factors in content that are heavily weighed;

  • Quality. It should be valuable and well written 
  • Demonstrate authority on search 
  • Appropriately incorporate the search terms 
  • Be relevant and timely
  • Add images, videos, etc. to show your experience
  • Do not beat around the bush, Be direct on answers 
  • Cover topics widely 

The first step in defeating your competition is understanding and applying the steps above. 

Site structure, HTML tags, and links 

These are the next most considered factors besides content. These non-content structures, like URL links, load speed, etc., help understand what’s in your site and ranking pages. The accuracy and fastness of the engine indexing and crawling in your content leads to increased traffic and ranking. 

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Using the Suitable Keywords

It helps the current topics people talk about, knowing the topic’s search volume, and understanding the difficulty in ranking topis. Each specific piece should contain a primary keywords target that is unique and use LSI keywords. 

Before writing, brainstorm on several topics, perform research on keywords; the keywords depend on the content you want to create.

Blog posts have an approximate volume of middle to low, keywords that are long-tail, and with low competition. Words that have a longer tail and intense competition, their conversion rate is high and also easy to rank.

Identifying and Capturing the Search Intent

When you identify your reliable words, evaluate and decide on how to write by going through searcher intent. Look for queries in the search bar, hit directly to the point as you cover the decided topic.

Please note the following;

  • Know: there is a question that wants to be answered 
  • Do: taking specific actions 
  • Websites: finding specific resources 
  • Visit: finding a location where the searcher can go to.

Identify the four categories before you write. Evaluate the category through ranking. Look at your competitor’s structure if you happen to choose a similar query to make it better.

Obtaining Featured Snippets by Optimizing Content

This feature advances on answering the questions immediately. Optimizing your content may increase your chances of obtaining this particular feature. How you do it:

  • Try any analyzing tool to check the existence of your targeted keyword.
  • Identify the structure of featured snippets.
  • Ask a question that snippets on your subtitle answers 
  • The answer should be immediately below the subtitle

Updating your Old Content

Making an update on the old blog help you boost traffic and rankings drastically. This is how you execute the strategy yourself;

  • Identify a post that has higher ranking potential, a substantial search volume.
  • Improve thoroughness by rewriting or updating the post.
  • Implement optimization and best practices of relevant conversion
  • Publishing optimized articles 

Application of Skyscrapers Technique

It is a method where you identify your outrank content and make it better. Follow the steps below after identifying the content piece you need to rank:

  • Figure out why this particular page has been prioritized. 
  • Make the initial ranking article better. 

Be international and strategic on improvements you’ll make and ensure anything you add has value. Once you execute correctly, the results are generated by the skyscraper method. 

Prioritization of Excellent Outbound and Inbound Links

The link determines the quality, reputation, and value. Make sure the kinks are quality and trusted websites. Consider authority websites on your topic when seeking backlinks. Backlinks are heavily weighted on ranking factors

Improving User Signals with On-page SEO

During the past years, Google started incorporation of user experience in search algorithms. You can have indirect impacts according to the way you use your HTML tags.

They are the first thing to say what is in your content. You can improve the users’ experience by placing some of the keywords on HTML tags.

Understand the structure of your site and the Best Practices of Technical SEO

How does your security, crawl ability load speed of your page affect the engine’s ability to rank and index your content accurately and quickly?

Poor structure makes it impossible to rank your page. It doesn’t matter how good you’ve written it. You may work with developers to help monitor the site’s health, tackle errors that may be a bigger impact on crawling.

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To be a better writer and outrank your competition, you need to follow the above tips. They are convenient and reliable. With this kind of information, your page should probably be one of the best on Google.

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