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Six Ideas for Marketers to Evaluate for Faster Growth

Six Ideas for Marketers to Evaluate for Faster Growth



Marketers have a responsibility to satisfy their company’s needs and wants. Marketing is not just about selling. It’s about knowing and understanding your company’s requirements and goals.

As a marketer, you should understand what your company expects from you. This field is challenging and competitive. It requires a lot of your time as an investment, but if you are ready to give marketing your all, you’ll be successful, and your career will keep on growing.

Evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing strategy is not an easy task, but there are a few basic tips you can follow.

Six Ideas for Marketers to Evaluate for Faster Growth

This article will talk about six ideas that marketers can explore to understand their company’s growth better. So, let’s get into it. 

6 Pro Tips to Evaluate Faster Growth

Check out the following:


ROMI or Return on Marketing Investment is a technique used in online marketing to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. It examines the results that a specific marketing campaign yields. This is used primarily because marketing a product can be expensive, be it online marketing or in print.

ROMI calculates whether the investment in marketing is worth the effectiveness of the marketing campaign or not.  If you wish, Return on Marketing Investment to work properly, then you would have to work on all the measured metrics.

So, that company can calculate the total budget spent on marketing campaigns and then calculate their profit from the campaign.

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2. KPI

KPI or key performance indicators are goals that help in tracking and measuring a company’s success. Digital marketers mostly use it to measure the impact they’re having and setting realistic expectations.

KPI’s measure quantifiable metrics that align with a company’s goals, such as sales, leads, reach, and engagement. Things we can’t change should not be in a KPI. Having a proper KPI will make it easier for a marketer to evaluate growth.

3. Digital PR

It is a promotional tactic used by marketers to increase a brand’s presence. It is a digital marketing strategy that strives to increase a brand’s sales, engagement, and following. It is commonly used as a tactic that involves the responsibilities of a PR but in an online platform.

The main task of digital PR is to improve a company’s search engine optimization. It is more effective than traditional PR as they expand your brand’s name online and improve search engine results (as they understand Google guidelines and know the algorithm). 

4. Customer’s response

Customer response is an overall indicator of your company’s growth. It can help you determine the kind of impact created by marketing strategies and the kind of audience it is reaching.

Surveys can be held online or in-person to gauge customers’ responses and reactions. It gives you an idea about how much effect the marketing campaign had and if the investment in the campaign was worth it or not.

Survey questions such as “rate our summer sale” can effectively connect with the audience. You can, therefore, evaluate your company’s growth by the customer’s responsibility.

5. Reviewing sales numbers

The fastest way to evaluate your company’s growth is to review the annual sales numbers. It will show you if your marketing strategy is yielding positive results or not working at all.

For example, if your sales from last year totaled $50,000 and your sales this year totaled $90,000, it shows that your marketing strategy is working and your company is showing signs of growth and prosperity.

6. Reactions of competitors

Observe what your competitors do, as it can be an indicator of your company’s growth. If your competitors always copy what you’ve done, have similar plans and goals as you do, try to overdo the things your company does.

But if your marketing campaign has no response, and it doesn’t even catch the eye of your competitors and gets ignored, then there must be something going wrong with the marketing strategies which need reviewing. 

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Final Thoughts

By incorporating these evaluation methods into your marketing skills, you can boost your career. Never stop looking for ways to grow your company as a marketer because the industry is extremely competitive, and you’ll get replaced faster than you can blink, so keep learning. 

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