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If you want to gain more exposure in your local area, you’ll have to find the right local SEO tools and resources. Fortunately, the Internet is filled with useful information on how to do that. Read on to discover some of the best options you have for getting your name out there.

SEO Tools



SEMrush is an SEO tool designed for the average business owner. It offers a number of useful tools for local SEO services, link, and keyword building. Among its most notable features is its position-tracking tool.

Position tracking is a good way to see how your site is performing in Google. It also shows you how your competitors are performing. The best part is that it’s not hard to set up. You simply enter the keywords you want to track and your SEMrush personal sensor will monitor them for you.

SEMrush also boasts an impressive backlink database. With a massive database of over 20 billion keywords, you can get some very good data.

On the other hand, SEMrush’s link analysis feature can be a bit of a mystery. Some results may not be as exciting as you’d like.

The Keyword Magic tool in SEMrush is also something you should check out. This is a clever little feature that allows you to get a better idea of what your search engine rankings will be if you target certain words. There are a couple of filters you can use, including excluding words that are a little too easy or difficult.

SEMrush has a free 30-day trial. During the trial, you can get access to a full-featured version of the product. In addition to the free trial, you’ll get a free month of Pro.

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Google My Business

Local SEO tools and resources are useful for anyone looking to improve their business’s online presence. These tools can help you optimize your marketing strategy, engage with your audience, and track performance. They’ll also help you identify your competition.

Among the most powerful local SEO tools is the Google Business Profile. This free tool allows businesses to manage their profiles across multiple platforms. It provides a single place to check up on how your listing is performing and helps you respond to customer reviews.

Another great local SEO tool is GrowthBar, a web app that analyzes your website’s top keywords to provide you with local SEO insights. You’ll get suggestions for additional keywords and a CPC chart. The best part is that you can use GrowthBar for free.

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is another useful local SEO tool. In addition to showing you keyword rankings, it also allows you to create a PPC campaign.

Synup is another local SEO tool that is worth a mention. Not only does it help you monitor your reviews, but it also helps you figure out what matters most to your customers.

Using the right local SEO tools can help your business achieve better search rankings, increase conversion rates, and engage with your audience. Some of these tools can even help you identify and eliminate incorrect listings.

While many local SEO tools offer similar benefits, they vary in function. Some are designed to track your rankings over time, while others are focused on tracking citations and competitors.


GeoRanker is a collection of local SEO tools and resources that help businesses boost their online presence. It allows companies to generate leads, increase conversions and boost revenue. The tool is easy to use, and customizable and includes a host of features for tracking keyword rankings, generating citations, and performing local SEO audits.

With a powerful API and data mining services, GeoRanker helps businesses create citations and optimize their local search presence. By tracking keyword rankings and data as a service, users can make informed decisions about their strategy.

One of the best things about GeoRanker is its ability to monitor keywords in real-time. This can be very useful when it comes to comparing your rankings with those of competitors. You can export your results in Excel or PDF formats, and you can set a frequency for these reports.

In addition to keywords and rankings, GeoRanker can also pull voice search results. This makes it easier to understand what your customers are saying about your business. Another feature of GeoRanker is the ability to pull images from search engines.

Another feature is the ability to track rankings in cities across the world. GeoRanker offers a free 14-day trial, but you can get even more detailed reports and custom SEO reports by signing up for a paid account.

If you’re looking to analyze your own and your competitor’s performance, Growthbar is a great resource. It’s a Chrome extension or standalone web app that gives you insights into your domain authority, backlinks, and top keywords. Users can also see search volumes for each keyword and analyze the traffic that comes from those keywords. A subscription to Growthbar costs $29 a month or $129 a year.


WhiteSpark is a San Diego-based digital marketing firm that helps businesses gain more online visibility. They offer a wide range of tools for local SEO, mobile app development, and pay-per-click advertising. Founded by Darren Shaw, a former editor of Search Engine Watch, they provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help local businesses succeed.

One of their most popular tools is the Local Citation Finder. This tool provides a quick, simple way to identify and build local citations. In addition, they offer a 14-day free trial to give you a chance to try out their services.

Another great tool is the Review Checker. This tool enables businesses to monitor reviews, respond to customers, and track performance metrics. You can generate short links to Google and Place IDs for reviews.

Their local rank tracker also helps you understand the search engine results page ranking of your website. With this, you can analyze your competition, discover opportunities, and improve your rankings.

You can also use the tool to find competitors’ weaknesses, which could help you win over your customers. Plus, the tool comes with a keyword research function to help you identify the best keywords to optimize your website for.

Aside from these, WhiteSpark also offers three free local SEO tools. These tools include a local rank tracker, a review checker, and a citation finder.

The most important tool is the local citation finder, which is a powerful tool that can help you improve your rankings in local searches. This tool can analyze your website against more than 200 ranking factors. It can also generate local citations automatically.


When it comes to local SEO, there are many tools and resources available to help you. Some are all-in-one solutions while others are tailored to your specific needs. However, there are also free and inexpensive options that can help you make your SEO campaigns more successful. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a local SEO tool can help you improve your online visibility.

One of the best local SEO tools is BuzzStream. This software solution is designed to quickly create high-quality links and improve your online profile. By allowing you to easily search for websites and email addresses, BuzzStream streamlines the link request process. You can find websites related to your niche or brand and pitch influencers to help boost your rankings.

In addition to a backlink checker, BuzzStream includes an email research tool. You can send emails to webmasters directly, and the tool will monitor communication to build a strong relationship. Another helpful tool is BuzzMarker, a Chrome extension that can automatically pull information from your website.

Using a backlink checker can save you time by identifying if a link has been redirected, removed, or followed. The tool can also identify spammy content and broken links. It can be used to build a list of sites you should target for your next link campaign.

Another tool for managing your listings is Synup. This all-in-one marketing suite provides an easy way to monitor analytics, manage listings, and integrate data onto other sites in real time. Besides local listings management, Synup also offers citation audits and white-label SEO reporting.

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There are a number of local SEO tools and resources that can help businesses optimize their online presence. These products and services can improve customer engagement, increase traffic, and boost your business’s website’s search ranking.

Synup is a local SEO software that monitors your online reputation and local search performance. It crawls over 200 directories and search engines to collect data about your business. They also offer rank tracking, social media monitoring, and review management.

Yext is another local SEO tool that offers analytics and automated local listing management. The product syncs your business’s location data across the major local directories. This helps your business maintain an accurate and consistent brand presence. Among its features, you can generate short links for Google reviews, generate reports on reviews and social media mentions, and identify citation problems.

Another option is BrightLocal. With this local marketing tool, you can track keyword rankings, analyze citations, and get alerts on algorithm changes. You can also run test searches in custom locations. Moreover, the platform provides white-label SEO reporting.

Another local SEO tool is Serpstat. You can perform competitor research and backlink analysis. Also, you can use the tool to track keywords and domains. Aside from these features, you can also set up a reliable reputation builder to solicit customer reviews.

Besides these three, there are many other options you can choose from. Some of them are Publer, Moz Local, SEMrush, Places Scout, and WhiteSpark. Each has its own unique set of features.

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