3 Top NFT Marketplaces for Creators to Sell Non-Fungible Tokens

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Selling non-fungible tokens or NFTs might give you a lot of profits in the long run, as you will get paid in cryptocurrencies. The value of crypto assets might rise and fall, but it has the tendency to keep on rising in overall value. Selling NFTs can give you more profits, as your crypto investment will get bigger.

NFT Marketplaces

Do you want to sell your own NFTs? In this guide, you can find the top 3 marketplaces for creators to sell non-fungible tokens. Keep reading.

Best NFT Marketplace Features

There are various marketplaces that allow you to sell non-fungible tokens with various types of content. Which one should you choose? Many NFT marketplaces have connections with certain blockchain networks, so you need to have the digital assets for the blockchain networks before you can use the marketplace to create and sell your non-fungible tokens. A good NFT marketplace should offer the basic features which can allow you to sell your NFTs as soon as possible. Here are the features you need to look for in a good NFT marketplace:

  • It needs to be popular, with plenty of people visiting the marketplace daily, so that you can find your market there.
  • It needs to give you all the tools you need to create and sell your non-fungible tokens, so it shouldn’t be a hassle for you to do that.
  • The marketplace should offer NFTs in various categories, which make the available NFTs varied on the platform.
  • It should have the option to let the users perform an advanced search and filter their search to find the things they are looking for.
  • It should have some different wallet options, bidding system, and an excellent reputation among the users.

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Requirements for Selling Non-Fungible Tokens

Before you can create or sell any NFT, you need to meet certain requirements to smooth out the process. Here are the requirements you need to meet for selling non-fungible tokens:

  • An account on the NFT marketplace platform.
  • A digital wallet containing some cryptocurrency assets you will need to use later.
  • Connection between the NFT platform with your digital wallet.
  • The content you want to sell as NFT.
  • The information about the content and all related information about your non-fungible token.
  • Your cryptocurrency assets need to be enough to pay for all the fees associated with the creation and selling of your NFTs.
  • Listing information related to the NFT you want to sell, such as royalties, bidding period, and so on.
  • Additional requirements as explained by the NFT marketplace.

Make sure that you meet all the requirements above before you create or sell your NFT to the public. Here are the 3 top NFT marketplaces for creators to sell non-fungible tokens:

NFT Marketplace #1 – OpenSea

OpenSea is the place where you can discover plenty of extraordinary NFTs to buy and collect for, and it is also the place for creators to sell their best NFTs. With OpenSea, you can create your own NFT and sell it in the way you want it to be. You can add various properties to the NFTs you have created with this platform and list it in the marketplace.


  • The marketplace has various categories you can explore, such as art, music, domain names, virtual world, trading card, collectibles, and more.
  • You can discover plenty of unique NFTs created by extraordinary creators with varied prices.
  • You can sign up to the platform with no fees, and you can create your own NFT collections right away.
  • This marketplace is a part of Ethereum blockchain, so you need to connect your Ethereum wallet to your OpenSea account.
  • You can set your listings as auction, declining price, or fixed price listings, and you can customize each listing according to your preferences.

Official URL: https://opensea.io/

NFT Marketplace #2 – Mintable

Mintable is the NFT marketplace that allows you to mint any NFT for free, with no fees for minting your digital item. Thus, you can use this marketplace to create and sell your NFTs with minimum costs, and you can also have more chances to earn profits on this platform. There are various categories you can explore, such as art, videos, music, game items, and many others.


  • You can mint your NFT anytime without having to pay for the minting service.
  • You can sell your NFTs as an auction, or you can sell it with fixed pricing.
  • This platform is available for free for the users, but it also offers the Pro plan with more features only accessible to Pro users.
  • The Pro features include advertising, custom stores, and VIP treatment.
  • You can earn cryptocurrency from the NFTs you are selling to other users, and you can cash it out anytime.

Official URL: https://mintable.app/

NFT Marketplace #3 – Rarible

Rarible is the place where you can create and sell non-fungible tokens in the secure blockchain network. The blockchain used for Rarible is the Ethereum blockchain, and you can accept Ethereum tokens when you sell your NFTs on this platform. On the homepage, you can explore various digital items in various categories, and you can see the top collections, hot bids, and many other sections on the homepage.


  • You can connect your ETH wallet with Rarible to create and sell your own NFTs on the platform.
  • You can connect to various wallets available for this platform, such as WalletConnect, Portis, Coinbase, and Torus.
  • It will allow you to create and sell your own NFTs with some service fees you need to pay, depending on the digital item you want to list on the platform.
  • You can choose to sell your NFTs as a single one-of-a-kind item, or you can choose to sell it as multiple copies.
  • You can choose to use auction, fixed price, or open for bidding options for your listings.

Official URL: https://rarible.com/

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These are the top 3 marketplaces you can use to sell your own NFTs. Remember, each marketplace has their own rules, and there are still many other marketplaces you can use to sell non-fungible tokens, aside from the ones mentioned here. Some marketplaces might apply service fees with additional benefits, while others might offer no service fees but with no additional benefits.

Choose your marketplace well. It’s your place to create and sell your NFTs, and it’s your place to earn your cryptocurrencies as payment for your digital items.

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