Rolex Cellini: All You Need to Know About This Classic

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We know Swiss luxury company Rolex for its high-end timepieces. The brand has been producing watches for over a century, and its timepieces are among the most coveted. The Submariner, the Sea-Dweller, and the Cosmograph Daytona are popular watches from this brand’s professional watch range. The Day-Date, Datejust, and Oyster Perpetual are popular watches from the classic watch line.

Rolex is one of the greatest watchmaking companies in the world, as seen by these timepieces. They have, however, ignored one Rolex watch collection. If you are a watch aficionado, you should be familiar with the Cellini line. These timepiece collections are a must-have for all watch collectors and enthusiasts. 

We all know Rolex is a pioneer in the watch industry, as seen by its timepieces. There is a Rolex in every collection of watch collectors, and we propose that you add the Cellini to your collection. So, if you’re a fan of traditional and timeless watches, this is the watch for you.

The Cellini is a watch that combines the elegance of classical watches with a modern twist. We can promise you that these timepieces are well worth your money.

Rolex Cellini All You Need to Know About This Classic

So, here’s what you need to know about the Cellini watch collection before you buy.

Rolex Cellini’s History

In 1968, the brand introduced the Rolex Cellini line, which had a bewildering number of models. In this collection, the brand provides a wide selection of elegant, dress-oriented timepieces.

The usage of gold and gemstones is the highlight of this collection. Rolex decided to name this collection to the person named Benvenuto Cellini. He is an Italian goldsmith and Renaissance sculptor. It was the company’s first collection dedicated only to the watch’s aesthetics.

Cellini was Rolex’s first dress watch line. However, the brand’s marketing director, Rene-Paul Jeanneret, had an idea to add something new to the company’s portfolio.

He influenced the brand’s decision to produce timepieces for professionals in the 1950s. Rather than a watch for divers, racers, or scientists, this is a watch for everyone.

These are the most beautiful and straightforward timepieces available. The Cellini is the most traditional and beautiful timepiece Rolex has ever created. The Cellini line has four models: Moonphase, Time, and Date, and Dual Time. 

  • Date

The Date watch comes in white gold and everose gold. On a single dial, the Date displays the current day, the days that have passed, and the days that are still to come. The white gold Date watch comes with a vibrant blue guilloche dial in addition to the classic black or white displays featured in both the white gold and everose gold versions.

The Date’s guilloche dial pays homage to the timeless ideals of traditional watchmaking while redefining them with spectacular modernity. This watch is water-resistant to 50 meters and features a manual winding mechanism. The Cellini Date is one of the most popular Cellini collections.

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  • Moonphase

Moonphase is ideal for those who enjoy gazing at the gleaming moon. The Cellini Moonphase is the collection’s best-selling watch. This watch features a white lacquer dial with a blue enamel disc at 6 o’clock that shows the lunar cycle with a meteorite applique portraying the full moon and new moon.

The Moonphase watch has a round shape, and the casing is 18ct gold. It has Rolex’s own self-winding mechanical movement with a unique moon phase.

The Moonphase case is water-resistant up to 50 meters, even though it is not the Oyster case. If you love everything about the moon, you should get this stunning watch piece.

  • Time

Time is the ideal watch for every occasion or event, as well as a stunning traditional timepiece. Time is the most basic model in the Cellini line. This watch is available in Everose gold or white gold with Cellini’s signature double bezel. It has a large Roman numeral dial in white or black. It only displays the time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

This watch is in automatic function movements and features a 4Hz frequency and 48-hour power retention. The big hour marker is a feature of all current Cellini timepieces. Some Time models include diamond-set dials and bezels, as well as a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that covers the dial if you wish to add a touch of luxury to your watch.

  • Dual Time

The Dual Time is a watch that can indicate two different times at the same time that made Dual Time a fantastic timepiece. It’s ideal for those looking for dress watches that can show two time zones. The brand made this watch with a flared crown, double bezel, and sapphire crystal. It also comes in a 39mm white gold and everose gold case.

This watch features a brown dial with everose gold indexes and a 12-hour sub-dial. The sun and moon emblems are positioned within the minute ring inside the counter to distinguish between day and night in the second time zone. If you are a frequent traveler, this classic watch is a must-have.

Famous Wearers of Rolex Cellini

Barack Obama

Yes, you read it correctly. Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, wore a Cellini reference 50509 watch. The Cellini is the ideal Rolex for a sophisticated guy like Obama, with its traditional dress-watch style and delicate design.

This watch gives you the sense of wearing a Rolex without shouting “Rolex” to everyone who looks at it. Cellini’s collection includes Obama’s official picture, which is now on display at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Kevin Hart

Beside Former President Obama, we saw the actor and comedian Kevin Hart wearing a Moonphase. He posted on his Instagram account a picture wearing a Cellini watch.

You can clearly see that it is the Moonphase because of its enamel blue backdrop and meteorite moonphase on the dial. Kevin Hart is an avid watch collector, so you will not be surprised if he has one watch from the collection. 

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In Conclusion

The most famous and exquisite Rolex watch will never let you down, and it is certainly in the collections of many watch collectors for a reason. The Cellini line has Rolex’s finest inventions while being one of the brand’s most neglected collections.

These are classic, wonderful watches that you will not be sorry to own. These incredible timepieces are available at, which also sells other Rolex watches, including the Cellini series.

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