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20 Best Putlocker and SolarMovie Alternatives – Top Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online Without Downloading

20 Best Putlocker and SolarMovie Alternatives – Top Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online Without Downloading



The era started with Floppy Disk later got replaced with CDs. Next, we jumped on pen drives. Time continued and no one expects this to get replaced by something which doesn’t even require a separate purchase. Right now people are living in the best era ever and have just need to opt for an internet connection and later choose a plan according to their requirement. That’s enough now a few clicks which can get you everything you want. The storage happens to be on the cloud rather than pen drives and just needs to know the plan of storage not the risk management in case of losing Pendrive. All this happened within a few years and the way it benefited the users is remarkable.

Putlocker and SolarMovie


Switch from Pendrives to Online File Hosting Index Websites

Pendrives were used to store songs, movies, and other entertainment media. But online file hosting index websites are just ruling in the market and have made people go crazy for their stuff. They work on the same model that is storing movies on the cloud and has given free movies online, access to all its users. There are several platforms present in the market but the best 20 among them are present in this article. Come let us tell you that which online file hosting index websites are famous and what special they come up with.

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Putlocker Movies and SolarMovie

These two online file hosting index websites give you an option to free movies online, and unlimited movies. The reason for them being famous is that it gives you an experience of unlimited movies and that to convenience. Putlock movies were established in the UK in 2011 and were shut down in 2016 by the high court order. So is it like you don’t have the option now? No there is nothing like that. We have listed 20 best options where some of them can also be categorized according to the category of movies.

Alternatives for Putlocker and SolarMovie

1. Halo Movies

This online streaming entertainment has got huge hype. If you stay in the UK, Australia or Canada then this website will suite the best for you. You just need to choose from genres present on this website and you are good to go. Choose the picture quality according to your wish and you are good to go.

2. 123 Movies

Not all online movie streaming websites could be safe for you. In the previous day, several talks flew around which stated that the data of the users got shared by some online streaming entertainment websites. To protect yourself from such happenings you can always rely on 123 movies.

As soon as you will land the homepage of this website you will find a well-categorized view. From this well-categorized view, you can easily choose the movie of any genre. Not only this the dashboard will also give you a chance to view 123movies the most rated movies, most viewed movies and recently watched movies.

3. FMovies

This online streaming entertainment website can be the best alternative for Putlocker. They provide opportunities for you to watch your favorite movie and seasons online. The most special thing about this online streaming entertainment website is the availability in different languages.

It is available in 12 different languages so you need not worry about your location as there are high chances of your native language to be covered. It shows seasons according to your past searches thanks to the AI defined so well on this Fmovies website.

4. Crackle

You can watch movies on this free entertainment website from all over the world. It is generally known as Sony Crackle. There are just a few easy steps that you need to take care of. Sign up and then you will log into the website where you will find plenty of movies and seasons.

The cool about this website is the feature of switching the country. Once you switch the country then all the movies and seasons will also change. Hence, the language too. Noo matter whether you are traveling to any other country this website will stay with you. Crackle is also present in the application form which again helps it to stand-off the crowd. In IOS this application has got a lot of hype as Sony Crackle.

5. Couchtuner Movies

Free streaming of movies and TV shows is such an incredible experience in Couchtuner Movies. This website has got its name in the market due to the presence of fewer ads when the media are been played. This helps people to enjoy their favorite movies without any interruption, unlike other online streaming websites.

6. Afdah Movies

The experience of the online streaming of movies has been made better by this website. This website has got good feedback from people about their speedy streaming speed. This website is so smart that it recognizes how strong the network is in your area.

After recognizing it changes the picture quality according to that. The audio quality stays common with all the picture quality which is again good for you. You can download the application of Afdah movies and enjoy free movies easily.

7. Soap2day

On their official website, they claim 500 plus TV shows and around 5000 plus free movies. They mainly take care of safety during the time of screaming. They have got huge popularity due to ample choices given in the genre of kids’ movies and shows. One thing that stays common between all the feedbacks is the less buffering time. Just like a social influencer Soap2day collection of movies and shows always stays updated.

8. Yesmovies

They guarantee that their experience of online streaming of websites will never let you jump onto any other website. This happens just because of the fastest server they are accompanied by. They have some serious measures which roll around whenever any user is logged into the website and is streaming any movie or show.

They stay updated with the content and never let their user feel bored just because of low buffering speed. YesMovies is another champion in its league.

9. Gomovies

The most exciting thing about them is the banner on their website. This banner states that you watch movies online free full movie no signup or spend even a single penny to watch the movies and shows. As soon as you jump on their website they simply ask you the keyboard. Isin; it that cool enough? Yes, it is. The make turned out to be one of the best online movie streaming websites.

They have been awarded for the security measures that they have got equipped on their website. Not only this you can download Hollywood pictures by clicking on the download button present underneath the Gomovies movie section. Watch movies online free full movie no signup required.

10. Tubi Movies

They just say that we have movies from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and more. This much is enough for you to go crazy for them. Moreover, the most exciting thing about them is that it allows you to select from your favorite genre and later asks you about the same movies in the form of emails.

You can get this service stopped but if you let that continue then it is beneficial. Just wonder that any new movie or show related to your category goes live you will be notified immediately. Thus taking care of your interest well. Tubi TV is cool in such innovative scenarios. You can switch to Tubi TV.

11. Azmovies

If you are fond of movies then this website is for you. To ensure your identity they conduct one test in the starting. You can have a clue about the level of security they are ready with. You scroll on and on you will get tired but their list of movies will never think of staying at back.

A collection of 25000 movies has made them a king in the league. A special thing about them is the share feature where if you like the movie then you can share it with your buddies. Once you leave the website and come back they keep a record of your last viewed movie and if that is not completed, yet then they ask you to continue. All these small things make them cool. Azmovies is popular and is getting more popular with its crazy fans.

12. Movie4u

This online movie streaming website keeps you away from all the other fake websites. The reality of being free with all the movies lies in missing the latest movies. This website doesn’t do that. If the movie is the latest and you need to pay for watching it then it will simply show you the prize.

As other websites have already shown free on their websites they feel scared in showing the paid version of movies. The safety offered is also pretty impressive. Movie4u is rocking because of its terms which stay standard and beneficial for all the users. It is exactly like Iomovies. The movies and shows are the same as Iomovies.

13. Megashare

This online movie streaming website is famous for scary movies. They have got a real collection of scary movies and shows. You can watch movies and even can download them. The safety of your private data stays a top priority for them.

The main thing that makes them different is the ease to all the users to just log in and keep the movies in a separate area. This separate could be treated as an area that holds your interest or your area which is again cool. Megashare doesn’t ask for any subscription plan or credit cards just log in and enjoy.

14. Niter

This could be the best alternate for Putlocker. The search for this online movie streaming website is advanced. The special thing about that is the presence of a smart search. You just need to enter the name of the songs or actors into it and it will show you all the results. People interests and user-friendliness is the main thing it takes care of. Your favorite movie is just a few clicks away once you have entered into the platform.

15. Movie4k

They have kept movies of the last 50 years. These make people feel wow. There are times when your friend discusses some old movie and you wonder that the download possibility of that movie is less but not now. Just sign up into this platform and you are good to go for any number of downloads.

16. Look Movie

This online streaming website is compared to Netflix. Yes, you heard it right. Just think about the user experience and class it must be holding. Starting from the signup and then showing the best HD blockbusters on the top of the landing page. They also provide TV shows. The streaming of movies is completely free. The buffering is also very less which makes it one of the best websites in its class.

17. Moon Line Movies

Like any other website it also offers free streaming of websites but what it is different is in annoying ads and pop-ups. Nowadays, one thing that annoys you as soon as you access something for free is the ads. This is because the website tries to earn from the advertisements of other brands. This website will never make you feel annoyed. Security is also the main thing for them. TV shows along with the time of release are present on the website.

18. Vidics

The goal of this website id to supply the best content to its user. It gets updated regularly and makes sure that people love their selection of movies to be shown next. To make sure of this thing they take regular feedback. There is no amount for TV shows and movies, but they have prices for the latest trending ones.

19. IP TV

IP TV is the only thing you need if you are from Sweden. You can watch all the latest movies, series, and anime. It’s a paid service but you start your subscription with a free trial and see how the service is and then decide to continue using or not!

20. Flixbreak

The websites showing movies and TV shows are very common but the one showing the trending videos is rare. Trending applications like TikTok are doing well with the public interest. They take care of the public interest so well.

21. Viewstar

Not all websites can take care of your taste to watch action movies. This website has got some blockbuster hits displayed on the dashboard. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies and that to action then this website is for you.

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We have listed the 21 best free online streaming websites. You can select any of them and enjoy the movies online for free.

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