PKT Pal Guest Wifi Review: Offering Businesses Easy to Use Guest Wifi Connectivity

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Guest Wi-Fi solutions have become essential in the hospitality industry. Especially since travelers increasingly rely on connectivity while on the go.

PKT Pal offers a turn-key, customizable guest Wi-Fi system to help businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, and vacation rentals to offer secure, convenient internet access to their customers. 

PKT Pal Guest Wifi

This helps businesses create a direct relationship with their customer, which builds brand loyalty and maximizes revenue.

Read on to learn more about PKT Pal’s product features, benefits, pricing, and customer reviews of their guest Wi-Fi solution.

Benefits of PKT Pal’s Guest Wifi Solution

Captive Portal

PKT Pal’s guest Wi-Fi solution features a customizable captive portal that provides guest internet access without requiring a password. This eliminates the need for business employees to share a password with customers and guests don’t need to enter a password to connect to the wifi network. Using PKT Pal’s captive portal, customers simply enter an email address or phone number and accept the terms and conditions to get online. 

User-friendly Interface

PKT Pal’s guest Wi-Fi solution has a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient for customers to get online. Customers connect to the wifi network with just a few clicks, or taps. The intuitively designed and simple login process removes any complications for customers. 

Building a Customer Database 

Guest wifi enables businesses to build a  valuable customer database with the information collected during login, such as email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and/or social media profiles. This helps businesses to establish direct communication channels with their customers for future marketing efforts and analytics. 

Businesses can use the collected customer data to improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. They can send customized email and SMS campaigns using third party platforms such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp and can customize coupons and special offers for individual customers or groups. Data-driven outreach helps maximize customer lifetime value and sales.

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Increased Revenue 

By attracting new customers and encouraging return visits through customized campaigns, businesses can boost their income. This helps increase repeat business and brand loyalty through direct and personalized outreach.

VPN-level Security

PKT Pal products include robust security that safeguards both the business network and user privacy. PKT Pal security protects against threats using built-in VPN-level encryption. This ensures guests can safely browse online without security or privacy concerns.

Location-based Insights

Real-time tracking of customer behavior, preferences, and footfall helps businesses optimize marketing and business decisions. Using a customized analytic-based approach to marketing is available to businesses that utilize guest wifi with an integrated customer database. 


PKT Pal offers a budget-friendly way for businesses to offer guest wifi and build their customer database and sales volume over time. Guest wifi presents a high return on a low-cost investment. Collecting customer data is far less expensive than traditional marketing approaches such as paid ads.


Requiring no password for guest wifi login enhances guest convenience. People can instantly access the internet on premises without any hassles like entering credentials. This improves the overall customer experience.


PKT Pal offers three plans for its guest Wi-Fi solution: Free, Business, and Enterprise. The Free plan is a one-time fee for the hardware, which includes a Mini and Edge Extender access point antenna and no monthly subscription cost. 

The Business and Enterprise plan includes a one-time $99 hardware cost, which includes the Mini hardware and Edge Extender access point antenna. The Business plan costs $19 per month when billed quarterly and $15 per month when billed yearly. The Enterprise plan is $45 per month when billed quarterly and $39 per month when billed yearly. 

When compared to other similar solutions, PKT Pal provides a very competitive price point. Plans from Cisco can start at $1,495 annually and Aruba can cost $10,000. This makes PKT Pal’s guest wifi solution pricing, much more affordable and suitable for small businesses looking for a cost-effective option.

Customer Reviews

The reviews below are from TrustPilot.

David B. (2 reviews, 4/5 stars)

The miner works well without issues but the 4-star rating is due to lengthy 5-week delivery times. Faster shipping or payment on dispatch would enhance the experience. However, the solution accrues PKT tokens as intended once received.

SD Khan (1 review, 4/5 stars)

There was a delay receiving their order but communication from the supplier improved once contacted. While shipping was late, the order arrived quickly once shipped. They appreciate the vendor’s responsiveness in resolving issues.

Tom Struckhoff (4 reviews, 5/5 stars)

Setup was simple though some assistance from support was needed. Calls received prompt guidance to complete configuration easily. The miner has operated problem-free while mining PKT tokens over time. Looking forward to network developments.

Philip Hoffman (1 review, 2/5 stars)

While the solution earns PKT tokens over time, this user found it accrued less than expected – around $25 every 5 days instead of the anticipated $25 daily. They want the ability to earn revenue from wifi sharing to improve profitability.

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In short, PKT Pal offers a powerful guest wifi management system at competitive pricing. This provides solutions for small businesses looking to offer convenient guest wifi access, collect user data, boost marketing effectiveness and security. This value of this product is reflected in the positive customer reviews. 

PKT Pal’s guest wifi solution, analytics tools, and ability to help businesses increase revenue makes this product a worthwhile investment for businesses in the hospitality industry.

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