Paypal – One of The Best Payment Methods in Indonesia for Online Casinos

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Online casino play has grown to become a major part of the global gaming industry in recent years. This now sees it a popular activity for people in all corners of the world and a sector that is expanding all the time. This is obvious in the US, for example, where iGaming is already legal in multiple states and many more are expected to legislate for it soon.

Outside the US and other hotspots for iGaming such as Europe though, it is interesting to see the other countries that have developed a passion for it. 

Indonesia is a great example of this and a country that loves to play classics like roulette or blackjack online. While the range of safe online casinos that accept Indonesian players helps explain this, the secure payment options that players from this country can use for depositing/withdrawing cash are also important.

Best Payment Methods in Indonesia

But what are the best payment options for online casinos in Indonesia? Lets start with the most popular one – Paypal. 


The amount of reputable casinos in Indonesia that accept PayPal deposit shows it’s one of the top payment methods to use for players from the country. But what is PayPal and why does it rate so highly? 

In simple terms, PayPal is a digital wallet that enables users to make online payments at places like Internet casinos. As one of the biggest digital wallets around globally, it is perfectly suited to online transactions and a popular choice with Indonesian iGamers as a result. 

When you start to look at the advantages of PayPal as a payment option for Indonesian gaming platforms, its appeal is obvious. To begin with, it is easy to use and comes with a quick, straightforward sign-up process. Using this method to make transactions at online casinos is also very convenient and delivers fast transaction speeds. 

PayPal is also able to be connected with the majority of local banks in the country and enables you to play at sites that may not accept Rupiah. This is because you can convert Rupiah into a currency that is accepted at the casino via PayPal. This option is also one of the most trusted payment methods for Indonesian iGamers and comes with excellent security as standard.

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Debit/Credit card

Debit and credit cards remain popular in global iGaming in terms of paymentsand Indonesia is no exception. There is no doubt that they remain one of the best choices for residents when it comes to depositing or withdrawing cash at iGaming sites. VISA and Mastercard are the two most popular providers connected to this payment option. 

Debit cards are a central part of modern life in Indonesia and this means most people already have them ready to use, with no further action needed to get one. In addition, they are something people are comfortable with and know how to use. Debit cards are also widely accepted at pretty much all online casinos around Indonesia and have excellent security built into them.

As you can only spend money you actually have in your bank account, they can also be a better choice in terms of responsible gaming.

Credit cards come with pretty much the same benefits as debit cards in terms of being easy to use, familiar, and widely accepted by most Indonesia online casinos. Credit cards are also handy for accessing cash to play with that you might not have at that exact moment but expect to have soon.

You do have to be careful though to stick to a pre-arranged budget and not spend money you may struggle to pay back. 


Paysafecard is a great alternative to the payment methods shown above and one that many top Indonesian casino sites accept. This option operates totally online and is a virtual prepaid card that users load money on to for playing games. Paysafecard vouchers come with a 16-digit PIN code that you have to enter to use them. 

As with the other payment methods we have looked at, there is a lot to like about this option for local casino fans. The 16-digit PIN code offers excellent security and means only the person who bought the Paysafecard can access it. Using this option at an online casino also means you do not have to enter your bank details when making a transaction, which is good for security.

This is an excellent choice if you do not have an e-wallet like PayPal or a physical debit/credit card to use. 

Prepaid cards like this are also good for responsible gambling and helping Indonesian players to budget. As you can only spend the money you loaded onto the card when purchasing it online, there is no chance of you using more than this to game with.

When you factor in quick transaction times, no hidden fees, and excellent customer service for any queries, you can see why this is a top choice for gamers in the country.


Cryptocurrency casinos are growing in popularity around Indonesia, and this sees casinos dedicated to crypto gaming being the go-to choice for many local gamers. As a result, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are currently one of the top payment methods for residents to use.

Many crypto casinos that accept Indonesian players will also allow people to game with coin such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and more! 

The truth is that this payment method at online casinos comes with so many benefits. You will find low transaction fees as standard, for example, and this means you’ll keep more of any cash you make. Crypto also delivers quick transaction times and this sees deposits/withdrawals processed almost instantly. 

Many Indonesian players like the anonymity this payment method provides and the security it offers. As you do not have to enter any bank details into the casino when playing with crypto, it is seen as a lot safer by many. Although it may not be accepted by every casino around Indonesia yet, its many advantages make it worth seeking out. 

Bank transfer

Although this may be a slower way to deposit or withdraw cash at online casinos in Indonesia than something like crypto, bank transfer is still one of the top choices for local players. Much of the reasoning for this comes down to the trust people feel when making bank transfers and the familiarity this option offers. 

Bank transfers are also widely accepted at Indonesian online casinos and are a key part of iGaming culture in the country. As lots of Indonesians already have a bank account set up for daily life, it is an option that is hassle-free and requires no extra effort to use. 

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Top payment options for Indonesia online casino sites

People all over the world love to play fun games and Indonesians are no different. While this can include things like video games, online casino play is also hugely popular around the country. There is no question that the range of safe payment options for Indonesian iGamers is key to this and that the options we have looked at above are some of the best to use when playing classics like slots in the region.

If you live in Indonesia and fancy giving online casino play a try, the payment methods above are worth considering. 

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