My Response Is On My Own Website: Instant Dofollow Backlinks

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People say social helps you to seek more business and popularity, I say that it is always difficult for a fish to swim in a crowded river. Something the same happens when bloggers try to adopt some old school tricks to get high ranking and boost the count of SERP( Search engine result product).

My Response Is On My Own Website
My Response Is On My Own Website

Something fresh not always attracts the crowd but the right people and that what’s you want isn’t? Yes, your business always targets a specific group of people. To increase rank and search engine result pages the most efficient way is by creating do-follow backlinks “My response is my website”. There is some website(mentioned at the end of this article) that allows authors to put some comments.

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Work Process

Whenever a blogger seeks any help then backlinks give them a surprise by allowing them to put some comment on some “My response is on my websites”. A comment on someone’s blog is structured perfectly when three different parts are merged.

One is your valuable feedback, other is a crux of your feedback and the last is the link of your blog. The entire traffic goes through a path where your blog link is also present so chances are drastically high for the ranking to go high.

Boost your Ranking Furthermore

What matters the most is the website you are targetting for your backlinks. A website which is having more PA and DA helps you better to beat your competitors. Moreover, if you don’t get a do-follow link then you will for sure get the no-follow link and ultimately will benefit you more than do-follow link Either in from this way or any other this technique is going to cover you with a shower of benefits.

There are several ways by which with the help of extensions you can easily find websites with PA and DA. Alexa and Moz Bar are these two extensions that provide ease in segregating this thing for you. Not only High DA and PA but also to recognize spammy websites.

Categorization and Prompt Comments

If you are running a blog site where you always present technological stuff in your content then “My response on my website” should be according to your category. How to come with this particular aspect? well, that’s very soothing. Just open google and enter “My response is on my website technology” now it will show you all the websites which are related to technology. Similarly, if your business lies under some other category then go on with the fundamental thing. Now when you have finally got the form of creating backlink then it will contain the following fields:

  1. Article title
  2. Article URL
  3. Article Excerpt
  4. Site Name
  5. Site URL
  6. Author name

High-quality Dofollow links

Guest Post

When you target the guest post then chances of your domain authority to touch heights increases. In the guest post, you need to write a niche content. Make sure that your content should be mind-boggling and should be free from any copyright issues. If the admin likes your content then you will get a do-follow request, DA will increase and thus the traffic.

Broken Link Strategy

There are times when the link of the websites are broken. In such cases, you just need to check such broken links via a chrome extension stating check my links. This will not down all such websites and now you need to contact them and ask them for some valuable and effective replacement of that link.

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There are several ways by which you create do follow and no follow backlinks. For that, you need to find a website that has a high PA and DA. Once you get such websites then adding the content in the same structured way mentioned above. You can use some extensions like Alexa and MOZ Bar.

These extensions help you differentiate between websites having high PA and DA and the spammy sites too. Once your content gets highlighted by the admin then you will for sure get the do-follow backlink. All these steps will finally lead to an increase in traffic on your website. I hope this article will help you increase “My response is on my own website”.

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Some websites are

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