Top 5 Smartphone Apps That You Must Have

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Mobile devices, gadgets, and even mobile apps are ramping nowadays since time changes, and everything evolves continuously.

We have no other option but to cope up with this artificial intelligence since people can also benefit from it. People in today’s generation are dependent on technology for them to become more productive.

Important Smartphone Apps

Here are some lists of Mobile Apps that I would recommend to you to give you more convenience using your mobile device. Let’s have a quick discussion about these apps, and I’ll provide you useful information about them.

Citymapper App

This Citymapper app is almost the same as Google Maps and iOS Maps since the three of them use GPS in which they would know where you are. You have to turn on your location first before using it.

But here’s the catch, they provided a “Get Me Home” feature and “Get Me to Work” to which is very convenient, especially when you are new to a city, and you have been out and about from business meetings and need to get back to the workplace quickly.

Most of the people in London use this app; it is because the Citymapper app provides numerous transport options. It does not consume that much of your time since everything is one tap away.

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Maximizing Your Productivity

This app helps you to avoid procrastination since this app provides time management. It is a style of app that breaks down your time intervals during working hours or have a workout session.

The Tomato timer that was developed by Francesco Cirillo guides you on how you manage your time on a specific day. It is mainly called the Pomodoro Technique.

For example, you are currently studying, but you don’t want to exhaust your body that much in reading. The tomato timer helps you in taking short breaks, and long breaks then give an alarm on when you will start studying again.

App in the Air

Some travelers are ok with downloading an app for whatever airlines they are taking at the moment. But at some point in time, these apps will take over and start to crowd out your screen.

If only they created a single app that would eliminate a screen full of open and running applications down to a separate app and provide lots and lots of information to multiple flights and airlines, then that would be a great idea.

App in the Air is a flight assistant application featured in smartphones that is ideal for frequent travelers. This app is a flight tracker and, at the same time, an airport guide all in one single app.

Not only that, but it also produces its main features that you can use before you start planning to board a plane. Track flight, explore airports, keep the record, and organize your trips.

Track flights divide your flight into four stages; Check-in, Boarding, Take-off, and landing. It even notifies you in flight-related changes, which is pretty convenient as well.

Improve Video Editing Skills

There is a popular app that most video editors usually use in video editing, which is the Kinemaster app that you can also enjoy using if you are doing vlogs or editing videos from traveling to other places.

Kinemaster provides you almost everything you can think of like cutting videos frame by frame, putting stickers or other audios during the transition of a clip, adjusting the speed, and many more.

It is an adorable and very simplistic app that you can consider as a user-friendly app. There is no complicated option in navigating the application. It does not drain that much time as well because everything can be done within less than an hour or a day.

Protecting Vital Information

Here is my top pick for password management for mobile devices, which is also best for iPhone users. My go-to app would be RoboForm. A nearly perfect 4.8 rating out of 5 in the app store, people suggested that this app has an intelligent design.

Another user-friendly mobile application includes excellent customer support, along with a live chat option. Talk about security; it has incredible industry-standard encryption and a Two-Factor Authentication.

With this rating and trustworthy application, you have to give it to RoboForm because this type of app is innovative along with their high scores in the app store, it is a must-have app when it comes to a password manager for iPhone.

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We may be worried that technologies and artificial intelligence surround our world, truth be told, we are now dependent on types of machinery and advanced techniques for us to become productive.

Then let us face it, we have to take advantage of these things rather than avoiding it. Even if we are evolving and learning to use technology, it will always give us the benefit and convenience in our day to day lives, so why not acknowledge developers and appreciate things like mobile apps?

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