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Making a Snapchat Filter Is Cheaper than You Think

Making a Snapchat Filter Is Cheaper than You Think



Snapchat filters offer users an opportunity to show off their individuality, celebrate events, or even engage in a bit of fun (while still marketing, naturally!) If you prefer to simply choose a filter that is available on the Snapchat platform, you can do that for free. Just be aware that those filters are usually time-limited. They may also be geo-fenced.

If you would like a filter that really highlights your personality, business, or products, you will want to create one of your own. This process does cost a bit of money, but probably not as much as you think, and would be great for your Snapchat marketing efforts.

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • Creating Snapchat filters
  • The cost of Snapchat filters
  • Considerations for saving money on filters
  • Best practices and usage suggestions

Making a Snapchat Filter Is Cheaper than You Think

Given the benefits you can gain from creating a Snapchat filter, you may find that the ROI is worth the cost.

Creating a Snapchat Filter

Creating a Snapchat filter is relatively easy. Just follow these simple instructions on how to make a Snapchat filter. You can do this through the app or Snapchat website. 

To get started, you can select a template to begin creating your filter. You may also elect to create a filter entirely from scratch. Whichever option you select, you will be able to add photos, stickers, emoji, and text to customize your creation.

The next step is creating the start and end date, as well as the geofence for your filter. This is the geographic area in which your filter will be available. Finally, you pay and wait for Snapchat to approve your filter.

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The Cost of Snapchat Filters

Snapchat only takes two things into consideration when it determines the fee you will be charged for your filter. That’s the size of your geofence, and the length of time your filter will be available. Nothing else counts towards the final amount you will pay. If you create multiple filters, you will pay for each one.

What Will You Get for Your Money?

When you pay for a Snapchat filter, anyone who is within the geographic area you selected can use it as many times as they want until it expires. 

How Long Does a Customized Snapchat Filter Last?

You can choose a minimum of one hour for your filter or a maximum of 30 days for on-demand filters. However, it is also possible to order a filter that will be available for up to a year.

How Big of an Area Can You Select for Your Geofilter?

Your geofilter can cover a minimum of 20,000 square feet and a maximum of five million square feet. To put this into perspective, 20,000 square feet is about half an acre. Five million square feet is equal to several Walmart stores.

How to Save Money on Snapchat Filters

There are two ways to approach saving money on your Snapchat filters. The first is to directly reduce your expenses. First, consider your geographic area. Know exactly what you want to cover so you can avoid paying for square feet that don’t really benefit you.

Next, you can reduce the start and end date for your filter. For example, if you want to create a filter for an event, consider offering it only for the opening day.

You can also work to get the most value out of your filter. You won’t pay any less this way, but the return could be worthwhile.

First, keep in mind that you can make every filter as detailed and branded as you want. Put some thought into your design of yours so that it’s as appealing to your audience as possible. This approach will generate more interest in using your filters and more engagement.

Also, don’t simply create your filters. Create a strategy to promote them. Invite your followers to use them and share them. If you’re creating a filter as part of an event, include that fact in your marketing materials. 

You can also use filters in contests or giveaways. For example, you could offer a discount on entry into a drawing for people who share a picture using your filter.

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Best Practices and Usage Suggestions

The filter you create should make sense with your branding. It should be thoughtfully designed. Be sure you understand Snapchat’s guidelines for creating filters. You don’t want to risk having your filter rejected. 

Here are some useful suggestions for filters:

  • Event marketing
  • Commemorating holidays or special events
  • New product announcements
  • Location-based marketing

Even though they aren’t free, it’s worth adding filters to your marketing assets.

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