For Buying and Selling Stocks, Is Robinhood Safe for Investors?

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A lot of novice traders have found themselves staring at the home screen of the Robinhood App. This really isn’t a surprise though, considering it allows users to learn more about investing strategies without needing to be a fully accredited investor. Among the most noticeable characteristics of Robinhood is its commission-free trading, together with providing fractional shares, no minimum deposits, immediate deposits as well as naturally competitive trading charges.

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For Buying and Selling Stocks Is Robinhood Safe for Investors

Robinhood is a trading platform that is utilized by a lot of individuals to exchange stocks as well as for cryptocurrencies. You may also be concerned about the Robinhood platform, particularly after looking at the latest GameStop scandal as well as outages.

Is Robinhood Considered Safe for Investors?

Robinhood is unquestionably the safest internet broker around today. The firm is regulated like a broker, which means it has to adhere to certain rules to safeguard investors. Additionally, it features a strong security system that ensures your data isn’t compromised.

Steps were taken by Robinhood to ensure your safety

Robinhood includes many security features that help make sure that you’re secured if you make use of its platform. The actions include:

FINRA Member

Established in 2007, FINRA made Robinhood its member, and its clients have ensured brokers act according to their interests. Robinhood, a securities broker, has to be a member of FINRA to offer securities solutions in the United States.

To be on the lookout for dishonest actions, FINRA has established rules to regulate them. These regulations specify who and the manner securities may be offered. The regulator performs frequent inspections of its part brokers to make certain they’re per their regulations. Whenever a broker is discovered in breach of the regulations, they are going to be governed by a fine.

Robinhood has to be truthful regarding its charges as well as security procedures such as a FINRA member, meaning there needs to be a particular amount of trust whenever you work with the broker.

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Security Measures 

Robinhood additionally uses many security steps to safeguard the accounts of its customers. Its framework makes use of Security features to safeguard your private data, including your Social Security number, debit card number, and account numbers.

  • Data Encryption: Information is encrypted by utilizing Transport Layer Security (TLS) transport protocol. The encryption utilizes letters, symbols, and numbers to make it incomprehensible and also virtually impossible to decrypt with no proper key.
  • 2-Factor Authentication: 2-Factor authentication is accessible to users. This particular function enables you to sign in to the Robinhood app by delivering a code by email or text message.
  • Password Storage: The passwords in the system are kept going with the BCrypt hashtag algorithm instead of in the plain text. Any kind of effort by somebody to access Robinhood’s kept passwords will be greeted with a break in the code of the hashtag algorithm BCrypt.

SEC Regulation 

SEC is responsible for regulating all the securities and shares of trading companies that are traded in the US. The SEC has stringent reporting requirements to make certain that investors have a chance to access the knowledge they have to make sound investment choices. Robinhood enables users to exchange just stocks as well as ETFs which are traded on public exchanges and are therefore governed by SEC rules.

The Robinhood platform is the sole place you can exchange cryptocurrencies that aren’t within the SEC’s purview. You’ve to recognize that trading in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin is extremely risky simply as you’re trading in unregulated marketplaces.

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SIPC Insurance 

Cost savings and checking accounts possess FDIC insurance to safeguard them from losses if banks do not succeed. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insures Robinhood along with other brokerages, though the FDIC doesn’t offer protection for securities.

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