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Game Guide Destiny: How to Level up Your Character

Game Guide Destiny: How to Level up Your Character



Recently Destiny launched Season 17 Season of The Haunted. Along with it, the developers added new tasks, mechanics, weapons, equipment, and modes, and also made some balance changes. With each reset, players will have to upgrade their character from scratch, knocking out items from various activities. This can be done in two ways – PVE against the computer or PVP against other players. Both modes are interesting and differ in their features.

To upgrade a character, you need to wear items with a level of power, which determines the power of your hero. The higher its indicator, the more damage you deal, and the destiny 2 boosting higher the characteristics become. At the final stage, new game modes are opened, where players go on raids in groups and go to the arena against other users.

Game Guide Destiny How to Level up Your Character

Getting max rank items is becoming more and more difficult, so you can always use third-party help. A team of boosters will upgrade and outfit your character by completing challenges at a flawless level so that in the end the most valuable items will fall out of the chest.

Destiny 2 Season 17 Key Changes

Destiny 2 introduces new game modes, weapons, and armor with unique models. It’s also worth mentioning some small changes that have eased some of the features of the game:

  • the character’s resilience now increases damage resistance in PVE;
  • the warehouse was expanded into 100 cells (from 500 to 600);
  • all types of negative and positive effects are correctly displayed in the subclass interface;
  • reworked the crafting, removing all basic resources and leaving only rare items:
  • Now crafters are able to create “ultimate weapons” by choosing two improved upgrades.

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The main plot events in the season will be connected with the giant ship “Leviathan”, which hovered over the moon and connected itself with another spacecraft. It is a huge location for research, new quests, and seasonal achievements. In addition, several hidden mechanics await the players:

  • there are bosses in the locations that are necessary to close new achievements;
  • toys with the Emperor Calus;
  • The scattered chests contain the new Panoptikum.

The above chests are opened using keys that are given out for seasonal activities, drop from mini-bosses, or for completing certain quests.

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Gear and Exotic Weapons

Studios Bungie has added new seasonal gear with unique ornaments and a special currency loot bonus. One thing gives 5%, everything can be achieved up to 20%. The weapon set includes an assault rifle, a scout rifle, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, glaives, and a beam sniper rifle. The entire set has a unique perk “Extrovert”, which restores the character’s health for killing a group of enemies with the help of finishing moves.

As for exotic weapons, four items have been added to the game: a pistol, hunter’s gloves, pants, and hands of a titan. Each piece of equipment has unique bonuses. You can get weapons for completing difficult challenges in seasonal activities, but this will take a long time.

If you are short on time or want to get unique rewards as quickly as possible, we suggest using third-party help. It’s completely legal and safe. Experienced players will complete all Seasonal Challenges in a short period of time, unlock access to Seasonal Rewards, and unlock all Rare Achievements.

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