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Interesting Facts about CS: GO You didn’t Know

Interesting Facts about CS: GO You didn’t Know



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is counted among one of the most successful first-person multiplayer shooting video games. It is the fourth game of the Counter-Strike series developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is a game where there are two teams, one of the teams will be the Terrorists and the other one will be the Counter-Terrorists.

The players playing the game will be given a random team that is either the team of a terrorist or the team of a counter-terrorist. Both the teams are heaped with some tasks apart from eliminating each other. Mostly, the terrorists plant the bombs and defend the hostages whereas the Counter terrorists defuse the bomb and rescue the hostages.

The players or members who belong to a community can also host their own tournaments. One of the popular game modes which got acclaimed by the players and has also been used by many games is Battle Royale.

Battle Royale and Danger Zone both the game modes were introduced in 2018. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received great admiration from the critics.

They have given positive reviews because of its gameplay. Every month more than 10 million players have joined when it was released. Valve transitioned CS: GO to free to play model so that it can generate money from cosmetic items.

Interesting Facts about CS GO You didnt Know

Some Facts about the Development of CS: GO

Many do not know that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the sequel of Counter-Strike: Source, both were developed by Valve. The fun part is that Hidden Path Entertainment was preparing to infuse Counter-Strike: Source into gaming consoles so that the game does not perish from the market.

While doing so, they named the developed version of it as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We all came to know about Global Offensive on 12th August 2011 but it started its development a year before in the month of March.

Initially, only ten thousand people were given the key to play the game after the beta version was introduced on 30th November 2011. Later on, the beta version of the game was opened to some more people.

Later on, after getting the green signal from the beta version users and other associates they finally released the beta version for the public in 2012.

One of the brilliant initiatives taken by Valve is to make CS a cross-platform multiplayer game but it did not succeed because the timing of the updates varies from one OS to the other.

On 12th August 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was finally released and it reached all the people. Only the bad news was for the Linux OS users as they got it on 23rd September of the same year.

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Unknown Facts about CS: GO Knife

CS: GO knives are very expensive and beautiful. Among the expensive ones, there are certain rare knives. The rarest CSGO knife is found in single digits only but it may cost you over $1000. Some of the rarest CS: GO knives are as follows,

  • Karambit Doppler Black Pearl is among one of the rarest CS: GO skins. Its cost starts at $1500. The factory’s new reach is around $5000.
  • Another rare CS: GO knife is the StatTrak M9 Bayonet Crimson Web. This knife is widely used by traders. There was even a time when it was sold at a price of $24000. With the introduction of Factory New wear the price has become stable and it runs from $2500 to $4000.
  • Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem has been very widely searched by the hunters and then finally the blue specimen for the hardened skin they were looking for. It is so in demand that a Chinese man has bought the Case Hardened Blue Gem skin for $25,000. The price is so high only because it is one of a kind and can only be seen during the game.
  • StatTrak Butterfly knife of the Crimson Web family is extensively rare as well as expensive. Its price has many times reached to $5000 as well. Since the Factory New wear was introduced its price has been kept confined from $500 to $1000.
  • Karambit Urban Masked is another rare knife that costs around $1000. Before the Factory New version was introduced its price went up to $10,000 and even more.

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Some of the Other Fun Facts about CS: GO

Counter-Strike has a great history and this awesome piece of game has been made after loads of trials and errors. There are certain fun facts which many people are not aware of are as follows,

  • The gamer will not be able to see its own shadow while playing the game. Surely, it does not affect the game or anything else but while you can see other’s shadow, you will not be able to see yours.
  • Like we have mentioned earlier that CS: GO was never meant to be an independent game but a port for CS: Source so that it can be played in gaming consoles.
  • One must be surprised to hear that when CS: GO was launched, initially it had no skins and competitive modes.
  • It might sound more like cheating or a trick but its fun to know that if the tutorials are kept open then one can locate the bomb in the smoke.
  • One of the weird things which many of you might not like is that the price of the Molotov is cheaper by $200 and is also stronger in comparison to the Molotov made for the Counter-Terrorists.
  • Many of you might not know this but you can actually withdraw money from the ATM beside the bank at the overpass.
  • Another attractive thing about this game which many are not aware of is the Launch Option piracy. If you add ‘Language Pirate’ in the launch option then the language of the in the game will change.
  • In case you do not recognize the song in the game, CS: GO plays in de train radio the Fortress 2 theme song. It makes the game more beautiful.
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