How To Get Better Rankings In Lol (4 Pro Tips)

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If you have a League Of Legends account you may be in a hurry to improve the rank. While you can take your time and let it happen, there are some ways you can do it faster. Knowing how to increase your rank quickly will allow you to enjoy all the perks and benefits of the higher levels.

Get Better Rankings In Lol

Here are four tips from some pros. They will help you increase your account’s rank quickly.

Pick A Role

You should only play one main role in Ranked in order to better your chances of winning matches and improving as a player overall. If you do not focus on a role and play every role or pick the same one, your chances of winning drops drastically.

Imagine being filled with Jungle and being given it. The game doesn’t come naturally to you, so you act it out anyway. In the Mobalytics App, you notice there is an OTP who knows and plays the role more effectively than you do. You’re going to have a hard time defeating them. Click here to learn more about picking a role in LOL.

The more experience you have, the better your performance will be. When you practice something a lot, you’ll get better at it. You can grow your understanding of how the role you play fits into the game, what matchups look like, and the way to play certain matches by playing a lot of it.

The second lane you play should be the same as the main lane you’re in. A DC and a support pair, for example, or a mid and a top pair. Information and skills learned in one position can easily be transferred to the other.

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Create A Good Champion Pool

Create A Good Champion Pool

To play ranked matches, you must select only a few champions similar to selecting your role. You won’t be able to achieve victory by playing all the League of Legends champions. You are highly likely to win games if you repeatedly play two to five champions who are comfortable with them.

When you come up against a player able to one-trick a champion, but you’ve only played a few matches against that champion, it becomes obvious that they’ll win, even though the statistics are in your favor.

Additionally, champions that can play multiple roles are a good choice. Lissandra, for instance, is a champion capable of being played in both mid and top lanes although she is not particularly strong at the moment.

As well as playing Lucian at the top, it is possible to play him at the midpoint and in the ADC as well. You can also buy lol account characters that will improve your pool.

Improve Ward Placement

A LoL player’s Wards are among the most powerful and underused tools in his arsenal. A team’s ability to see a part of a map that they aren’t currently in can be a tremendous advantage. 

You can use your Control Wards and trinkets more effectively if you learn when and why to set up vision. The preseason is just around the corner, which makes optimizing your vision choices all the more important.

Unless you’re utilizing them to get vision inside a brush to trigger auto attacks or use abilities on your enemies, wards don’t generally provide a direct advantage in combat. In most cases, wards are most useful when tracking the enemy team’s movements. 

Early and mid-game, wards are especially useful for spotting enemy junglers’ movements. In order for wards to be useful, they don’t need to see an enemy, just knowing that a nearby area is empty can be just as helpful.

There is still a lack of understanding and exploitation of warding in League of Legends. The information you learn through warding can help you and your team win.

Using wards effectively in League of Legends requires knowledge of when, where, and how.

To find out what are the most effective warding locations in League of Legends, check out our detailed warding guide. The role of each lane and role is broken down for easier understanding! 

Control Wards should be placed in strategic locations throughout the game. One doesn’t need to be purchased every time, but you need to buy a new one whenever your old one dies, or if the game progresses. Keep Control Wards in place and invest in them frequently.

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Learn How To Manage Waves

Learn How To Manage Waves

A high ELO player abuses having control of the wave and knowing how much to push. Mastering it can be challenging, but understanding it is fairly straightforward. Low ELO players have a tendency to make the same mistake when it comes to managing minion waves in their lanes.

During the laning phase, don’t constantly push the wave of minions. The enemy Jungler may gank you if you continually push minions, and you will die and fall behind.

When you walk up to the enemy minions to secure last hits on enemy minions, pushing them upward makes them move away from you or all-in on you. Due to their tower protecting them, it may be difficult for you to fight the enemy and get kills.

There are a few simple steps to learning how to freeze. Make sure there are equal numbers of enemy minions and allied minions in order for the wave to be evenly distributed.

It is important to make sure that there are more enemy minions than friendly minions in order to want the wave to approach the lane from your side.

The strategy of freezing works well. This will enable you to gain CS and XP leads by zoning the opponent out of the farm. An allied frozen lane can be easily ganked by your Jungler, resulting in solo kills.

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