How Can I Get My First Job In Animation?

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Do you dream to work at Nickelodeon, Walt Disney, Pixar, or any other famous cartoon studio? Your desire can come true fast if you have a good strategy.

In this post, you will find useful advice on how to make first career steps in the animation industry. Professional consultants from the cheap resume writing service have selected the best recommendations for you.

How Can I Get My First Job In Animation?

The modern animation is a thrilling world of fantastic technologies, creative freedom, and exciting stories. Watching a cartoon in the cinema, we rarely think about the team standing behind it.

Meanwhile, hundreds of talented and enthusiastic guys work on every episode to bring positive emotions and joy to people. 

Writers from often get orders to compose resumes for positions in this industry. They have already studied peculiarities of the job search and promotion for animators. That is what they offer for newcomers. 

Tips for entering the animation industry

✓ Get a necessary educational background

The animation industry implies a wide variety of professions starting from a scriptwriter to a technical support engineer. Yet animators do the greatest magic.

If you strive to get this position, you need to learn specific skills first. A certified specialist has all the chances to get hired. So, writers from advise attending art schools and universities. 

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✓ Narrow your professional area

Focus on a specific sphere and compose your portfolio. For instance, you can work as a character or an interior designer. It is a good idea to apply to entry-level or volunteering positions in this case; cheap resume services will help you with that. 

While creating your portfolio, add your own vision of common things in order to show creative skills. Top UK animation studios say that 20 – 25 pages are enough for an excellent portfolio. 

✓ Promote your personal brand

Sometimes, examples of your work are not enough for UK recruiters. They want to hire a reliable, interesting, and self-sufficient person. To prove that you are a worthy candidate, try to make a name for yourself. 

You can start with an account on social media or a personal website. Show your opportunities and capacity, write your life story, share aspirations and dreams. 

If you need a professional profile for your LinkedIn account, order cheap resume writing services on It is an affordable way to get a perfectly written content demonstrating your best parts. 

✓ Find friends in the animation sphere

The animation industry has a friendly atmosphere. As a rule, people working in this area are communicative and pleasant. Try to make friends with them. It deals with both online and offline opportunities. Send emails, write comments under their social media posts, and you will be noticed eventually.

Attend animation conferences and other meetings. It is an excellent chance to introduce yourself, ask for professional advice, hang out with famous animators, and build networks. 

✓ Prepare your stellar resume 

Apart from a social media account and a personal website, you need to compose some traditional documents: a cover letter, CV, a resume. You can pay someone who specializes in legal, high-quality custom writing services. Find an agency near you or order online.

Today it is easy to purchase any document on the Internet. Simply type something like “buy a resume” or “write a CV for me,” and you will get a bunch of options. The cost is usually affordable, even for a student. 

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✓ Seize the day

Now, when you are well prepared, be patient to wait for a lucky chance. Carpe diem,  that is — catch your moment. Do not be afraid to start, as this career will open new horizons for your life journey.

Apparently, a strategy to find a job in animation depends on the position and department where you want to work. Yet you need, first of all, to get professional skills and master the craft. 

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