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Learn How To Be A Healthcare Marketing Expert With These Easy 8 Steps

Learn How To Be A Healthcare Marketing Expert With These Easy 8 Steps



Healthcare marketing is a hard road to traverse with the rising competition. Whatever services you might offer, a lack of implementation of a proper marketing strategy would always hold you down.

To keep capital and new patients constantly flooding your business, you must have a well-rounded healthcare product marketing strategy. 

You can start by executing an audit of your services and products. Begin by taking a look at your current patients. Start by asking yourself basic questions about your patients.

After dealing with the simpler ones, delve deeper. Ask yourself as to why they chose your services or how they are paying your fees.

Learn How To Be A Healthcare Marketing Expert With These Easy 8 Steps

Tips To Become A Healthcare Marketing Expert

While being involved with healthcare marketing jobs, you must be wary of all the points mentioned below to achieve optimum output.

Here are mentioned eight easy steps to help you gain success in healthcare marketing and attract a larger audience –

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing and educational content is the smartest way to attract new patients and customers for your healthcare business in 2020. 

Today’s audience digs online to educate itself prior to transacting with a vendor. In the healthcare domain, everyone attempts to learn something new. 

You must take advantage of the digitized world today and create eye-catching content and target the right audience at the right time. 

You shouldn’t limit your content creation efforts merely to your website. Content strategy is not about writing humongous paragraphs and appearing on top of search results. If you find it more time consuming, then you can even outsource this part of marketing to third party agencies.

2. Mobile Responsive Website 

If your healthcare website lacks mobile responsiveness in 2020, virtually no organic traffic will flow to your healthcare business website. 

Back on March 26, 2018, Google released new algorithms for search results in the form of mobile-first indexing. 

This meant that Google would only show search results as per the websites’ mobile version or the web version.

Thus, any healthcare organization that doesn’t support a mobile-friendly website would be excluded from all search results except for their branded keywords.

3. Video Marketing 

Video marketing is the greatest channel for healthcare marketers to reinforce trust and boost awareness around their healthcare business in 2020. 

Nothing drives engagement as good as a video. Due to this, YouTube today is such a popular video content platform among the people. 

YouTube also acts as a search engine. YouTube is bombarded by over 4 billion searches a month, making it bigger than Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and combined.

Video has the ability to personalize your health brand, making it more approachable as people are often skeptical in terms of medical services and healthcare.

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4. Customer Touch-Points And Multi-Channel Initiatives 

Customers are omnichannel, and so should your healthcare marketing initiatives be. 

Healthcare marketers need to reduce friction online and motivate patients to get in touch with healthcare businesses via all available channels, be it chatting, or a display of contact numbers. 

It can be as simple as text messaging or chatbots. There exist copious multichannel techniques for effective implementation. 

The greater the touchpoint options you can provide to your web or mobile visitors, the greater would be the customer experience. 

Even the most basic option, a landline number, can impact traffic. Your contact information must be prominently visible on your website.

5. Online Reputation 

Online reputation, the name itself is self-explanatory. It can either make or break your business. 

You must control the narrative around what users comment about your healthcare business on social media.

Even if you possess the greatest product around, if your company lacks a stellar reputation online, you won’t have a significant conversion rate.

As per Pew research: 

  • One out of three American adults has visited the internet to understand a medical condition.
  • 72 percent of internet users tell they looked online for health information within the past year.
  • 47 percent of internet users browse for information related to doctors or other health professionals.
  • 38 percent of internet users look up information regarding hospitals and other medical facilities.

With so many users browsing for health providers online, it is advisable to ensure that your brand can be counted upon.

Your reputation must speak for itself to retain your audience. In case you have a less reputable image online, you can always seek professional help to achieve your desired marketing goals.

6. Social Media Healthcare Marketing Plan 

You need a dedicated staff for your business social media page. The staff must promote your healthcare services, reply to comments, and share informative content.

The best way to have a social media influence is by sharing visually appealing authentic posts, replying to reviews, collecting patient feedback via live Q&A, and collaborating with influencers.

You need to understand that social media is a digital window to your patients. Doctors today use social media to drive patient engagement, expand their practice, and become leaders in their expertise. 

A platform like Facebook is a must due to its highly capable targeting. LinkedIn is extremely effective in strengthening your position as an industry expert.

Pinterest has an 80 percent female audience, making it suitable for pediatricians, OB-GYNs, or nutritionists. 

InVideo is an online video editing and content creation platform that can provide you with a great Instagram marketing service and assist you in proliferating your client base.

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7. Location-Based SEO 

If your healthcare business is based in a physical location, you need to implement location-based SEO and geo-tag your location on social media posts. 

Many healthcare marketers in 2020 implement long-tail SEO search terms to render content their customers would resonate with and secure qualified local traffic to their platforms. 

You can employ Facebook area-specific ads or geo-tag locations on Instagram. This way, users who would check out your pics and posts could be your future clients.

8. Modern Analytics & Artificial Intelligence 

Implementing analytics and AI could be a well-received change for new companies. You need tools to understand consumer behavior as soon as it comes to the healthcare industry. 

You can develop a perception of your audience through their behavior, user heat-maps, search terms, or user activity to improve upon your marketing campaigns.

You can develop a smart understanding of your users with AI algorithms.

Final Words

In the points mentioned above, we discussed some impactful healthcare marketing techniques to be considered in 2020. 

By implementing these strategies, you can stay on top of your expertise and attract a wider base of audience towards your healthcare services, provided you manage to tempt them with your marketing strategies.

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