Highest Paid IT Jobs In 2020

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Many people are now engaging in technological careers nowadays. Aside from the fact that it is a very respective field in the tech industry, it also allows earning high income.

These are the jobs behind the best features of your favorite iPhone and Samsung phones, the updated cool sets of emoji guide, and many more. 

High Pay IT Jobs

If you enjoy this field and have a strong knowledge of computer networks and operations, this career provides a great future for you. We have a list of the highest paying IT jobs that you might be looking for.

Full-Stack Developer

The full-stack developer works on every aspect of developing applications. It requires the knowledge of system infrastructure and database networking. The required skills are the basics of API development, database technologies, and web development. Top-notch companies are hiring full-stack developers with an average pay a $112,000 yearly.

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Software Architect

They interact with clients and developers to improve development processes by making multiple choices of style. The skills needed are technical knowledge in programming and analytical. It pays an average salary of $139,000 per annum.

Blockchain Engineer

These engineers construct and deploy the system of architecture, decentralized applications while also collaborating the co-leads to guarantee the streamline implementation of applications.

Required skills are analytical skills and deep knowledge of multiple technologies used in Ethereum,  Ripple, and BitCoin. This job is offering an average pay of $150,000/annum.

IT Program Manager

These managers are responsible for handling every aspect of the technical project of the entity. This means they need to initiate the program, track its progress, and provide support if issues arrive.

They coordinate efforts amongst their employees and outside vendors, set schedules and timelines for both employees and projects, and ensure that lines are met. While no company in this day and age can function without an IT program manager. Big companies are recruiting for this position and are paying an average amount of $136,000 annually.

SR. DevOps Engineer

They are responsible for the network operations and deployment of a firm. It includes handling the model of deployment, release-performance monitoring, etc. Required skills in this job are scripting skills and good coding. It pays an average salary of $140,000.

Data Scientist

It analyzes the compound statistics to find ordinary movements and patterns that ultimately assist in decision making. This includes gathering data from multiple sources, cleaning it to guarantee precision, and then using multiple algorithms and models in analyzing the data.

The data scientists may use techniques that visualize data to transport the findings to the officials of the company. Skills required for this job are statistical analysis knowledge, programming language understanding, good data instinct, and sharp business knowledge. The average pay for this profession is $133,000/annum.

Data Security Engineer

Data security engineer plans and implements the security measures necessary to protect organization networks and systems from cyber attacks and security breaches. They investigate any security violations or potential infringements that arise.

The knowledge of computer networks, operating systems, monitoring and encryption tools as well as information about risk management factors are a few prerequisite skills for an average salary of a $143,000 annually.

Cloud Architect

This profession handles the computing strategy of the cloud for an organization that includes deployment models, cloud architecture, and application design. The skills needed for this are operating system understanding, comprehension of services of cloud computing, and security. It pays an average salary of $154,000.

Enterprise Architect

They develop the plans and workflows for deploying and maintaining servers, software, and other IT assets. They ensure that the business aims for an organization that is supported by its IT strategy. Skills like understanding the business model, comprehension of foundational idea architectures and technologies, and experience in project management.

Also, leadership and communication skills are expected of an enterprise architect. These employees handle much of the interaction between the business side of a company and its IT department. Hence, taking home a handsome $151,000 a year. 

Artificial intelligence Engineer

The AI engineer handles the management and development of an artificial intelligence solution of an organization. The skills needed are programming languages with a rich library of statistical packages, along with this, you need domain technologies of AI such as deep and statistical learning, machine learning, and neural networks.


With this list provided, you can choose the best job that suits your skills and knowledge. Otherwise, there are still more related jobs that can help you decide, such as data warehouse architect, database administrator, and job roles under RPA. Choose the job that you think can develop your skills rather than prioritizing which pays better.

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