Hosted Exchange and How it Works?

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Hosted Exchange and How it Works

Hosted exchange is a cloud version of Microsoft Exchange Server which is easily accessible from any remote server or cloud provider. In other words, the hosted exchange can be known as ‘exchange online.’ It is installed on a service provider platform, from where the end-user can access it by using a secured network connection or a private VPN.

Every business needs the security of their data and hosted exchange plays a great role in fulfilling this need of their customer by providing malware protection to them. This service requires a monthly subscription, after which the organization can avail of all the benefits of hosted exchange. 

1. Predictable costs 

Hosted exchange works through a proper business service. Unlike other hosted services, hosted exchange offers monthly subscriptions to their clients. Monthly subscriptions are beneficial for the end-user because through monthly bills, the user is satisfied that he only has to pay once for all the services he is getting the entire month.

Along with the fees, the service provider looks after the maintenance. In this way, the client knows the cost of the service and it is easy for him to evaluate and predict the fixed service cost. 

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2. Prompt updating 

Relying on the hosted exchange can prove to be the best decision for your company. Having multiple benefits never disappoints you. If you are using hosted exchange for your emails, you don’t have to worry about any latest versions, because hosted exchange promptly updates their versions whenever there is a new update.

Though it is not always required to update your version, when it is, you just want to sit back and relax because the service provider helps you out immediately. 

3. Understandable and easy to manage

If you think it’s time to do some changes and introduce hosted exchange in your company, you don’t need to worry much because it is very user-friendly and easily manageable. Your staff won’t get any troubles in email accessing or transferring.

You just need to clear some space in your server and ensure that the hosted exchange is downloaded correctly. once it starts working, you’re good to go. 

4. Higher security 

Every business is scared of threats and demands for servers that can provide the highest security chances for their company. When you choose hosted exchange, providing security to their customers is their utmost priority.

The service provider gives enterprise-level security to you so that your communication is protected in all scenarios. This way, your data is in safe hands forever. Their multi-functional access refrains the spam emails from entering your inbox. 

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5. Enormous savings 

If we compare hosted exchange to any other local exchange server, the ratio will be in favor of hosted exchange, as it is much cheaper than any other server.

When you go towards any other server, it asks for multiple costs such as maintenance, formation of infrastructure, setup, etc. on the other hand, for hosted exchange, you can yourself manage the accounts easily. 

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