Some Facts to Know About Domains

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The Internet is growing at an exponential level. Every day, you will find new information on the Internet. When it comes to the domain industry, it is also growing at an increasing rate. Every day over 100k new domains is registered. 

This means that it is important to know certain facts about domains. It may help you to understand how the industry works and whether there are any lucrative opportunities within the same. 

Some Facts to Know About Domains

Here are some of the facts to know about domains. 

1. The maximum character limit is 63

This is something that a lot of website owners do not know. There are different domain extensions and each domain extension has its own rules. However, some rules are general in nature and applicable to each extension.

Most of the domain extensions only allow a maximum limit of 63 characters. This means that you cannot have a domain name that is longer than the said limit. This is the standard practice.

Even otherwise, it is not a good idea to have longer domain names. You can also get to know more about this from

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2. The most expensive domain names were around $ 35 Million

Domain names do come at an expensive cost. The most expensive domain name approximately had the cost of $ 35 Million. This was

This name was purchased by Brian Sharples to conduct the business of online vacation rentals. This is verified through various reported interviews. This is, however, no surprise. A lot of people out there happily spend millions on having the right domain name since it does give that level of return. 

3. 11 characters are the most common

A lot of people wish to know the most common character length. This is so that they can evaluate which domain names they can set. 11 characters is the most common domain character length.

Furthermore, it is also statistically supported that this character length can be beneficial in various terms. Moreover, the letter “S” is the most commonly used character as well. 

4. Three character domain names are already taken

Now it is impossible to have a domain name with three characters. All such domain names have already been taken. Unless the same gets unregistered or expired, you will not be able to access it.

This is a surprising fact. Thus, if you want to have a three-character domain name, then you are certainly out of luck. 

5. A person registered 15,000 domains in a day

There was a guy in 2013 who registered over 15,000 domains in only one day. This was also done during the span of 24 hours only.

A lot of people asked him about the reason behind such investment, to which he simply replied that he was greedy to do so.

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The bottom line

These are not conventional, but interesting facts that you will not come across in the domain industry. It will definitely help you to be more aware of the domain industry.

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