Best Brain Games for Android Devices

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Mobile games are a growing trend for years now. Within this, there are thousands of genres and types of games that appeal to a variety of different players. So-called brain games that require thinking skills, memory skills, and the ability to notice patterns are especially popular. 

As is the case with most other Android games these tend to get more difficult as you advance within the game, providing new challenges as you improve. Some of the games are completely free, others have in-game purchases, and others still are available for purchase only. 

Best Brain Games for Android Devices

Here are a few such games to try: 

Skill slot machines 

For many new players, playing skill slot machines is replacing the traditional gambling game. That’s a big change in terms of how the winnings are made and what the success is based on. In most slot games the winnings depend on chance and luck and there’s nothing a player can do to improve their odds. 

However, with skill-based slots, after a few turns, you’ll get in-game, which depends on your skills, such as memory games. This turns the tables and allows the players to practice and get better at slots as they keep playing. 

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Brain dots

Brain dots is a seemingly simple game that requires the player to connect the dots using as short a path as you can. There are countless levels within this and the game becomes increasingly more difficult as you keep playing. Once you run out of moves you can start from a lower level of pay for a new turn. 

The game is often used by students and those who are involved in intense intellectual work since it’s a good way to take a break from such activities while keeping your brain engaged in the process.


Sudoku is a popular game that was once a part of most magazines and newspapers. It’s a simple logical puzzle in which a player needs to place a combination of numbers so that they fit the columns, sections, and rows. 

There are hundreds of versions of the game available for phones and both operating systems. Some of them offer some flare and a particular aesthetic while others are simple and minimalistic. A great thing about this game is that it allows you to shut everything out and focus on playing alone. 

Math problems

Math problems aren’t exactly what everyone considered a game, but when they are presented in a fun and engaging way, they can be a great brain teaser. There are numerous such games available online and they come in a variety of difficulty levels and with countless math problems. 

Most of these games are free to play but there’s an in-game purchase to remove the ads, that you don’t have to pay for. Sometimes math problems tend to be overwhelming and it’s best if a player sticks with them. After a while, the solution will present itself if you try long enough.


Lumosity is one of the most popular Android brain games. It’s a series of puzzles and problem-solving games that get increasingly difficult as you advance within the game. Most players use it for ten minutes a day as a short brain exercise and a way to create a habit out of exercising their deduction skills. 

The training plan can be used for both kids and adults, and the set of games gets adapted based on the style you prefer and the type of puzzles that you want to focus on. The games are challenging but relaxed and fun.


Peak is also amongst the most popular out of the free Android games. It’s a set of 45 different games made to improve your problem-solving abilities and to help you sharpen your memory. It’s designed for all ages and the interface makes it easy to track your progress over time. 

The game plan can be personalized based on what you want to focus on and what kind of brain games you like. You can subscribe to get a training plan and unlock more games, but that will require a small monthly fee. It’s also possible to compete with your friends online. 


This is a game that you should play if you want to improve on a variety of different cognitive skills. This includes memory, concertation, attention, reasoning, and mental agility. One of the great features of this game is that it measures and tracks your cognitive abilities as they grow and improve over time. 

The app is user-friendly and simple enough to use. It can also be used to identify the risk of mental illness and cognitive impairment, especially in the elderly and those who are at risk of these issues. 


Elevate is a comprehensive set of games that are used to improve a variety of different cognitive abilities. It provides daily exercises that include 3 to 5 different games. Each of the games has its own goal and you’ll get a daily, weekly, and monthly report tracking your progress. 

The skills that you’re going to need to get better at these games include speaking skills, math skills, memory, attention, and speed. It’s also possible to compare your results with other players in your age group that you can connect with when playing online. There’s also a paid Pro version of Elevate.

Brain HQ

Brain HQ is a result of long-term research in the field of cognitive development. It consists of 29 different brain games with different levels of difficulty. The more you progress within a game the more difficult the games will get. They are used to improve:  memory, speed, accuracy, attention, navigation skill, and other skills. 

The games can be personalized to fit your needs and your interests. It’s possible to spend only five minutes a day on these games and if you’re consistent, you’ll notice a difference in terms of how your abilities improve and increase. 

Tricky Test 2

Tricky test 2 is a brain game test that’s based on measuring your IQ. It does more than that, however. It offers a few puzzles that will determine how high your IQ is while providing a fun problem for you to solve. Keep in mind that these problems are usually rather difficult. 

When used regularly, the games should become easier to solve, meaning that your cognitive skills will improve and become better honed. There are 111 tests available meaning that you can run out of them after a while. It’s also possible to select a few puzzles and send them to your friends when playing online. 

Memory games: Brain Puzzles

Another memory game for Android that you can enjoy and improve your memory skills with. The focus of the game is to train your memory and that’s done by solving puzzles, by remembering patterns. The more you play the game, the more difficult the puzzles will become. 

The game can be played for about five minutes a day and if you do this regularly these short bursts of exercise will help you noticeable improve your memory over time. It’s a beginner-friendly game that allows you to ease into the exercises. 

Left vs Right

Left vs Right is a series of brain games that will help you exercise your cognitive abilities. The abilities involve awareness, brain activity, memory, sensibility, and others. The games are made to be played for a short period of time every day and to provide results if they are used regularly. 

Tactics that you can use, are based on patterns and trial and error. After a while, you’ll notice getting better at the games, even though the games will become more difficult as well. The game will also provide a way to follow your progress and figure out how well you’ve done over time.

Math Workout

Math is considered one of the most daunting school subjects for most people. However, there are ways to improve your math skills in a fun and engaging way. This app is one of the ways to do it. The app is available for Android and iOS. 

There are daily sessions that will become increasingly difficult over time and that focuses on a variety of different math disciplines. It allows you to track and improve your skills as you use the app for a longer period of time and you get better at it.

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One of the first cognitive abilities you’ll notice decline is memory. However, it can be practiced and improved therefore slowing down the process of decline. This app is used to do just that through a series of brain games. The games are based on the principle called spaced retention.  It will ask you to remember a piece of information and then quiz you on it from time to time in order to retain it. 

The data is kept in cloud storage meaning that you can keep using the games on a variety of different devices both mobile and desktop.  The app is free to use.

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