3 Best Bitcoin Software Wallets

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Among the various wallet options for Bitcoin, software wallet is perhaps one of the easiest wallets to use. You just need to install the software on your desktop computer, and you can then manage your Bitcoin assets from your desktop.

3 Best Bitcoin Software Wallets

In this guide, you can find the best Bitcoin software wallets you can use today. Read on.

What is a Bitcoin Software Wallet?

Bitcoin Software Wallet is the software version of Bitcoin wallet, which you can install on your computer. Depending on your operating system, there are various software wallets that you can install and use on your desktop.

The way to use the software wallet is the same as when you use the online wallets. You just need to install the desktop software for the Bitcoin wallet and access your wallet from there.

With the software wallet, there will be various features you can use. For instance, you can activate 2-factor authentication to increase your Bitcoin wallet security.

You can also connect the software wallet with other wallets, such as hardware wallets and app wallets. You will also have full control over the fees, account privacy, and security. Most software wallets have open-source codes, so you can check the source code of the software anytime.

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The Reasons to Use Bitcoin Software Wallet

Why should you use a Bitcoin software wallet? There are various advantages you can get when you choose to use the software wallet. It’s a good way for you to extend your wallet security and keep your Bitcoin assets secure at all times.

You also don’t need to worry about cyberattacks, as the software wallet will give you plenty of security features to ensure the best Bitcoin asset protection for you.

Here are the reasons to use Bitcoin software wallet:

  • You can install the software wallet on your desktop, and you can also link it with other devices you have.
  • It offers you various security and privacy features to ensure the best asset protection for your cryptocurrency, such as two-factor authentication, payment privacy, Tor link, simple validation, and so on.
  • You can keep your Bitcoin assets secure in a software wallet, not allowing any third parties to tinker with your assets, stealing them, or hacking them.
  • It uses open-source software, which allows you to check on the source codes of the software, providing transparency for you as the wallet user.
  • You can also take control over the fees you pay for the transactions on the blockchain network without having to wait for a longer time to complete the transactions.

Here are the best software wallets for Bitcoin you can use today:

1. Electrum

Electrum is a software wallet for Bitcoin that you can use to store your Bitcoin assets on your computer. It works with various operating systems, so you can install this software wallet on almost any desktop operating system you have.

It offers various security features that ensure the best protection for your crypto assets all the time. Also, it has a decentralized server system that keeps your wallet up and running with no downtime.


  • It uses the proof checking system to verify your transactions to ensure that all transactions are legit.
  • You can use Electrum as the cold storage for your Bitcoin assets, keeping your private keys offline and protecting it from hackers.
  • You can export the private keys you store to Electrum and move it to other Bitcoin clients of your choice.
  • It encrypts the private keys of your Bitcoin wallet and keeps it in your computer, so it will always be secure in your desktop hardware.
  • You can recover your access to Electrum when you lose it by using the secret phrase.

Official URL: https://electrum.org/

2. Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core offers the software wallet that keeps Bitcoin decentralized, and it offers the privacy features not available in other wallets.

One primary privacy feature you can get from Bitcoin Core includes making it impossible for anyone to link to your transactions. So, your transactions using Bitcoin Core will remain private as opposed to them getting published on the blockchain with your identity.


  • It uses full validation to ensure that each transaction on each block is valid, ensuring the best security for your Bitcoin assets.
  • Each transaction is private, meaning that anyone can’t link the transactions you’ve made, keeping your identity secure.
  • It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices that meet the standard requirements of this wallet.
  • It also has a nice and easy-to-use user interface, making the use of this software easy for everyone.
  • You can donate your bandwidth to help support other users in the Bitcoin Core network, so you can contribute more to its security and privacy.

Official URL: https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-core/

3. Wasabi

Wasabi is a software wallet for Bitcoin that offers more focus on the privacy of the users. You can install Wasabi on your desktop computer, and you can also use the Tor integration to make your transactions even more secure with this wallet.

This software wallet is free to use, and it has an open-source license that allows you to check on the source code of the software anytime you need it. It’s compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.


  • It uses the special CoinJoin system that allows you to work with other users for each transaction you make with this wallet, making it more private and secure for each user.
  • It has integration with the Tor network, allowing you to add more anonymity for the transactions you make using Wasabi.
  • The CoinJoin system is trustless by design, so you can work with other users in each transaction regardless of whether you trust them, and you can still get the privacy and security features from each transaction.
  • You have full control to turn on and off the Tor network by default.
  • You can connect hardware wallets with Wasabi using the plug-and-play system.

Official URL: https://wasabiwallet.io/

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These are the Bitcoin software wallets you can use today. There are still many other software wallets available for you to use, aside from the ones mentioned here.

The good thing about using a software wallet is that you can keep your Bitcoin assets secure on your desktop computer.

However, it is also important for you to use other wallets as a backup for your Bitcoin assets so that you can manage your assets better and minimize the risk of losing your assets.

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