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3 Factors Affecting Crude Oil Prices

3 Factors Affecting Crude Oil Prices



One of the most important commodities for any country today is crude oil. Not all countries can produce crude oil in massive quantities. Thus, many countries will need to buy crude oil from the oil producers, which is what makes the oil industry keeps on being lucrative for any country that delves into it.

3 Factors Affecting Crude Oil Prices

However, crude oil prices can change from time to time. In this guide, you can learn about the factors affecting crude oil prices.

The Reasons Crude Oil Prices are Important

Crude oil prices will affect the prices of gasoline, which is very important for the distribution and manufacturing of various industries in any country. So, the rise of crude oil prices will bring the price increase of products and services that need to use gasoline in their production, manufacturing, and distribution.

Companies that need to distribute their products to other areas every day will get affected by the rise of crude oil prices, as they will need to increase their expenses, and thus the price of their products because of it.

Here are the reasons crude oil prices are important:

  • It can make or break the country’s inflation, since crude oil prices can affect the prices of other associated products and services in the country.
  • The manufacturing, transportation, heating, and distribution costs will increase along with the increase in crude oil prices.
  • The rise of crude oil prices will also increase the prices of products people buy daily, such as foods, beverages, clothing, and many others.
  • It is important to keep the crude oil prices low, so that the prices of products and services can become stable for the long term.
  • Crude oil prices will also affect the energy costs for the average household in the country.

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Fluctuations in Crude Oil Prices

Throughout the years, fluctuations in crude oil prices can happen from time to time. These fluctuations happen for various reasons. However, before we get into the reasons, you need to know that not all countries in the world can produce crude oil in massive quantities.

The top three producers of crude oil as of today are the USA, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Many countries need to buy oil from other countries that produce crude oil to fulfill the needs of their countries.

This often becomes the reason for the fluctuations in crude oil prices. The fluctuations in crude oil prices can happen when there are problems involving the countries that produce crude oil. These fluctuations in prices will also affect other countries, such as those who don’t have any capacity to produce enough oil for their country’s needs.

Also, the use of oil is still vital in the world today, as we still need to use gasoline and other petroleum products in our daily activities, whether at the level of individual, business, professional, or government.

Here are the factors that affect crude oil prices:

1. Global Events

Crude oil prices can change when there are special world events happening, such as wars, pandemics, and other events that might affect the conditions of the world. When such events happen, it might affect crude oil production in various countries, triggering the price increase of crude oils.

When the situations keep on happening, it will make the crude oil prices keep on increasing, which can affect the price stability in various countries.

Events like the changes in policy around the countries that buy and sell crude oils might also affect the prices of crude oil. This can happen when there are changes involving crude oil production.

For instance, if the production costs are increasing, some countries involved in crude oil production might create a new policy that reflects the changes in their production costs. Thus, it can affect crude oil prices all around the world.

2. Environmental Conditions

Countries that produce crude oils need to distribute their oil products to different countries. The distribution process requires a clear and smooth condition that allows them to send the crude oil products with no problem.

The crude oil distribution might get delayed when there are some environmental conditions like extreme weather changes or other factors, and it can affect the price of the crude oil products.

Also, it might also affect the price of crude oils when the oil producers need to deal with problems in the crude oil shipment, such as damages, accidents, and other events.

Long winters might also give the oil producers more time to complete their crude oil production and distribution, which again can affect the prices of crude oil. You need to factor in many other environmental conditions as well.

3. World Politics

World politics can often affect the prices of crude oil, such as when there are conflicts between different countries that produce the crude oils. They might have political conflicts, and they might have trade wars against each other.

This can affect the overall pricing of crude oils from those countries, which can affect the selling price in the countries that become the consumers of their oil products.

The changes in world politics can also affect the prices of crude oil in different ways. One country might change their policy in how the government deals with another country.

One country might no longer want to buy crude oils from another country in favor of other oil producers. This can affect the prices of crude oil, as the demand and supply will change because of this policy.

Their policies might escalate to other conflicts that might also hinder the crude oil distribution. So, there will be various implications as the result of changes in world politics just by looking at the crude oil prices alone.

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These are the factors that affect crude oil prices. Crude oil is a commodity that is vital for any country to have. Both for the producers and consumers, crude oil is still becoming the source of energy for various equipment in manufacturing and transportation nowadays.

So, it has a big value for the businesses and the daily lives of individuals in all countries.

It’s important to keep the crude oil prices stable and as low as possible. With low crude oil prices, we can keep all product prices stable, ensuring that they are accessible to the public and contribute to good economic growth for the country.

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