3 Apps To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

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Do you wish to track a cell phone location? Rest assured it has become relatively easier and convenient in the present digital era. All it takes is a good application, a Smartphone, and an internet connection. 

Why do you need a good app? Rest assured that a good app would make a significant difference to your cell phone location tracking needs. You may come across several ineffective options made available in the market that do not work and could also run the risk of infecting your device with a virus or malware. 

Apps To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

Let us delve into a few essential ways to tracking a cell phone location free of charge. These ways have been proven, reliable, and free from malware. You do not have to be tech-savvy to get the work done. 

1. uMobix – The best undetectable phone surveillance app 

uMobix.com helps you keep track of everything that goes on your child’s social media profile. The app captures every move performed by your child on his or her social media. It would be saved as screenshots. You would be able to see what your child does on his or her social media.

It would help you track your child on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Tinder. The app offers quick installation, access to all messaging apps, and real-time updates. It would be pertinent to mention here that uMobix is supported on all Android devices. All you have to do is register, install the app, and start monitoring the messaging apps. 

uMobix unique tracking features to track a cell phone 

If your monitoring app has been working decently, it would offer clear data. You would gain information on the number of people who have purchased the subscription since the app has been launched. It would also provide information on the trending network growth over time. 

uMobix gained popularity after the launch of its revolutionary feature – track a cell phone location. It would provide complete access to the location of the targeted phone. You could track the location of the targeted cell phone and the activities performed on the social media platform on the targeted phone. It would be a boon for the parents looking forward to securing the safety of the child online. 

location tracking 

Children tend to wander around in playgrounds or parks in their free time or after school hours. However, as parents may not be able to keep a check on their children at all times, they would require something to monitor the location of their child. The location-tracking feature of the app is an easy and convenient way to keep a check on your child at all times remotely.

The basic and full packs offer advanced location tracking for you. It enables you to view the precise location of the targeted phone on a map at all times. However, the GPS tracking feature has been made available for Android devices only. 

Text messaging tracking 

Text messaging tracking could reveal numerous aspects about anyone. Parents could make the most of the feature and discover their teens not being involved in sexting with unlawful or bad people.

Moreover, when you go through the text conversations of your children, you would explore the secret text abbreviations commonly used by the children with their friends. You could see the content of every message, type of message such as sent, received, or deleted message, and timestamps. 

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Track call logs 

Tracking call history and discovering the contact details of the caller have been made easy with uMobix. You could view dates, timestamps, and duration of call without letting the user of the targeted phone know about it.

You would get a detailed phone history of the targeted phone. You could track all calls or messages received on the targeted phone. 

2. SpyBubblePro – best way to catch a cheating spouse 

If you want to catch a cheating spouse, consider catching them in the act by monitoring their mobile phones. Moreover, it would give you the evidence by having proof of their cheating. A hassle-free and convenient way to track a cell phone location would be through a spy app. Using SpyBubble, you could spy on the Android platform with ease.

Moreover, the app could monitor Mac and Windows laptops, PCs providing you proof of cheating you need. The app caters to your advanced phone-monitoring features inclusive of WhatsApp and Facebook monitoring. It is an easy-to-use application designed to benefit you largely. 

Facebook/WhatsApp Spy 

SpyBubble app would help you monitor the online activity of your child. Using the app, parents could prevent their children from being bullied by peers on various social media platforms and being friends with social media predators.

It enables you to scroll their WhatsApp chats and photos. The app would also help you go through Facebook contacts, chats, and multimedia. 

Android/iOS Spy App 

To protect your children from the perils of the internet, you should look for a multifunctional option. It should provide you with an insight into the online activity of your child. Rest assured that the SpyBubble app would help you with parental control without letting the targeted phone user know about it. The app has been designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It could easily gain access from any browser. The app would work on all Android and iOS gadgets with ease. You could access the user account from any browser on any gadget. All you have to do is register, install, and start monitoring your child’s phone. You could track a cell phone location without your child knowing it. 

Find hidden pictures & chats 

The app enables you to make the most of the features by viewing the hidden pictures and chats of the user phone. You could go through the saved pictures and photos in the targeted phone without any hassles. It would help you keep a check on the social media activity of your children and the cheating spouse. 

3. Trace a phone number within minutes with GeoFinder 

The geolocation system would enable you to locate a cell phone within minutes. To seek geolocation of a specific number, you would receive a URL along with an SMS. To make the most of the service, the number to be geolocated should have online connectivity. It should also have a location parameter enabled on the device. The user content could be retrieved thereby providing the precise location of the device.

The results would be sent directly to the applicant through an SMS. You could use the mapping system for sending feedback. The system would locate the device within a radius of few meters. It offers the zoo feature to display the name of the street. 

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To sum it up, you would be able to keep a check on your children and cheating spouse using the spy apps free of charge. The best thing about these apps is that you could monitor their location and social media activity without letting them know about it.

These spy apps are a boon for parents who are concerned about the safety of their children. The spy apps could also help save you from the infidel and cheating spouses. Do not waste time and download the apps now. 

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