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Create Fake WhatsApp Account with Fake WhatsApp Number



I know Create Fake WhatsApp Account is very hard and not possible for everyone. But I will share to Create Fake WhatsApp Account easy method. Check out SoftGoza to learn how to download these apps in simpler steps.

Everyone knows that WhatsApp is most famous application for chatting with friends online. Millions of users are using this application.

Can you use a fake number on Whatsapp?

Everyone knows that there are a number of tips and tricks on WhatsApp through which you can shock your close friends and family members.

For this purpose you need a Fake Number for Fake WhatsApp Account creation. I know that now you are thinking that how to get fake virtual number for creating fake account on WhatsApp.

There are many applications available on Playstore through which you can create many fake numbers for fake WhatsApp verification code.

Today in this post Fun Tech will share the trick and the applications through which you can verify your fake WhatsApp and Create Fake WhatsApp Account.

What is Fake WhatsApp Account?

Before creation of fake account on WhatsApp you need to know that what Fake WhatsApp Account is.

Actually, When you create WhatsApp account with fake number or with any other country code number. That is called fake account of WhatsApp.

For getting fake number your need to some application which provides you some different counties numbers to create fake accounts on WhatsApp and other social media apps.

I hope now you are understood that what actually fake WhatsApp accounts is. Let’s start the procedure to Create WhatsApp Account with Us number.

How can I Create Fake WhatsApp Account?

If you are in search of fake WhatsApp with fake number creation then you are on the right place. Some days before, I have search about “How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account” but unfortunately I got some result with non-serious methods.

So, I have decided to share a great trick to create fake account on us number or any other country code number. Without wasting of time let’s start it.

I am going to use these three apps to get fake number for WhatsApp account.

App you need for Fake WhatsApp Number

  1. Temp-Mail
  2. Text Now
  3. WhatsApp

Temp-mail: This app will provide you an email address for the temporary time to use. With this app we will create a fake email and register the “text=now” account. This is how you can get fake number from text now application.

Text Now: This application is used to get fake or any foreign country number for creation of fake account. This is a good and most used application all over the world. It is free of cost. You don’t need to pay for premium plans.

WhatsApp: All over the thing is for the WhatsApp for which we will create fake account.

I hope got all these applications and now you can start the next process.

First of all open temp-mail application and you will get an auto generated mail address. Copy that mail id showing on mobile screen.

Create Fake WhatsApp Account with Fake WhatsApp Number

Now go to Text Now application. Click on get a Free Phone Number and create an account with that copied mail address.

Create Fake WhatsApp Account with Fake WhatsApp Number

After completing all the steps now you have created account on text now application. Access all permissions asked on mobile screen. Click on don’t use my location.

fake whatsapp number 2019
fake whatsapp number 2019

Now you see a box. Enter any country code like ‘415,315’ etc. Now select your number and press on the continue button

fake number for whatsapp

You can see at the top left corner you got your fake number for WhatsApp. This is free number for getting the verification code from WhatsApp or any other app.

Now open WhatsApp application and create account with the regular process. Select the country code that you are generated from Text Now application.

Copy and paste the number from text now application.

fake number for whatsapp

Verify security code via call or SMS from the text now app. This is your own choice.

fake number for whatsapp

After complete verification you are able to use WhatsApp on foreign number.

Disclaimer: – This Tips and Trick is only for Educational purpose and to make you aware of it so if anybody traps you then you can figure out that it might be a prank, don’t use this number for any illegal purpose. We “Fun Tech” are not responsible to any kind of loss.

Fake Number for WhatsApp Using Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM is a great application available on Android Google Playstore and Apple App Store which provides us a free virtual or fake number to verify security codes.

You can make calls and SMS from this application. Its paid plan is very cheap rather than other applications.

Now, I will tell you that how you can Create Fake WhatsApp Account with this application.

Just follow these steps.

Step no 1: First of Download and Install Numero eSIM from Playstore or Apple store.

Step no 2: After installing that application open it. Register on this app and create account. Verify it with your mobile number.

Step no 3: When you successfully register login to your account. Now you will see the option to activate trial number. Go for the country you want to choose number.

fake number for whatsapp

This is the USA number which I obtain from that application.

fake number for whatsapp
fake whatsapp account online

Once you got the fake number now go to the WhatsApp and start registration process.


If you want to create a WhatsApp account you must need a mobile number. But it’s your choice to choose fake number or personal number for the WhatsApp account.

This post was to that “How to create fake WhatsApp account with US, UK, Canada Number”. That was the easiest method for this purpose.

If this helped you kindly provide your feedback and share it.

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