The Dummies’ Guide to Making The Perfect Collage

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Whether you’re artistic or not, you can still make a beautiful photo collage. Digital technology has given us so many opportunities to be creative that anyone can have a go. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create something unique. On the contrary, you’ll soon be able to define how you want to use your free collage maker online, including how much you want to customize.

Dummies Guide to Making The Perfect Collage

Either way, you’ll easily make an exciting collage that your social media friends and followers will just love. 

Define your Goals before Using a Free Collage Maker Online 

Of course, if you’re just having fun with your photos then you can dive straight into using a collage maker. If, on the other hand, you want to get something specific from your photo collage, such as more social media followers, then it’s worth considering the following points: 

  • Audience
  • Distribution channels
  • Themes and Focus 


Photo collages are great ways to boost your digital marketing campaign. Through them, you can tell a story and make your campaign unique. By engaging with people through photo collages, you can generate curiosity and excitement such that they want to discover more. 

The trick though is to know what type of people you want to connect with and what’s going to appeal to them. For example, you can include fun features, text, and animations from your collage maker that can be either young and quirky or more formal and trustworthy. You really can convey any emotion with the right images set up across the layout of your photo collage. 

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Distribution Channels

Social media in general is the most powerful way to spread your online presence. Nevertheless, you might want to explore whether you should focus on Facebook or Instagram or use all the platforms. Again, it depends on your audience but, either way, your collage maker will easily download your photo collages into the relevant platforms. 

Themes and Focus 

Every free collage maker online has many collage templates for you to search through. Of course, you can use your keywords to refine your search. Regardless, you’ll get lots of ideas of the type of themes and subject matter you can use. Naturally, you can also create your own images to download into your preferred template. 

Include Your Own Images into your Free Collage Maker Online

When you make a photo collage, you can keep things as simple as you want or be as you can with your own images. When you take photos, it’s important to bear in mind some of the basics so as to make the best photo collage possible, as described below: 

  • Composition
  • Colors and space
  • Editing 


Have you ever noticed how some photos just look off? That’s because the way we set up the frames makes a huge difference. It’s therefore helpful to apply the Rule of Thirds.

This means that you apply an imaginary 9 box grid over your image and make sure that your subject matter is along the grid lines or the intersections. Following this layout ensures that your photos will look appealing. Essentially, it’s a tried and tested technique that’s been around for several centuries.

Colors and Space

Most of us know by instinct that colors and contrast make a big difference to photos. That also means making sure that you don’t have too much space or too little around your main subject matter. Otherwise, things can get lost or simply look too busy. Imagine then having lots of photos that are too busy all next to each other in a photo collage. The final output from your collage maker could be quite nauseating. Don’t worry though because if in doubt, simply use the collage templates.


Any collage maker has some form of photo editor although some have more features on offer than others. You might therefore want to check the details before you sign up. Either way, you can add effects such as transitions or just do some simple trimming. Then again, don’t forget that you can also add your logo as well as text and fun fonts to enhance your overall message. 

Using your Collage Maker 

Now that you know enough to plan your photo collage, the question is how do you actually put it all together into a final output? Have a look at the simple steps detailed below: 

  • Collage templates 
  • Download any photos 
  • Customize 

Collage templates

This first step is the fun part. Explore the collage templates on your collage maker and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. Of course, keep your audience in mind and try to imagine them and what they want to see. Then the right templates will jump out at you. 

Download any photos 

If you’ve decided to make your own photos to download into your free collage maker online then it’s very easy to just drag and drop them into the tool. You might then want to go to your photo editor to make any final adjustments to color and contrast. 


Again, you can customize as much or as little as you want. Most collage maker tools will allow you to change the collage borders, add any cartoon pictures or logos and text. Some might even enable you to create clickable photos to take people to your website. 

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Parting Words on Making the Perfect Photo Collage 

The first thing to remember when you make a photo collage is your goal and your viewers. Once you know what’s going to work for them then the rest flows naturally.

The collage templates are there for you to customize and download your own photos if that’s relevant. Either way, you’ll have a beautiful photo collage in anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour. Now if that’s not effective then nothing is. Have fun with it! 

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