How to Download Boomplay for PC?

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Revolutionizing the music for once and for all, Boomplay has been on the lips of creators for months now. It is an app that lets you listen to the best kinds of music from around the world and also, offers you a chance to create your own music and monetize it through the streams and in-app purchases that you’ll get with them. 

Making a career out of music is a dream for millions, but unfortunately, without a proper medium, focusing on that dream wasn’t a reality since there were a lot of obstacles in the way.

Fortunately, Boomplay is making it easier for creators all over the world and offering them a platform where they can create music out of their compassion and put it on Boomplay for millions to listen.

And aside from offering music creators a chance to show off their skills, Boomplay has a wide variety of music genres that one can choose from.

How to Download Boomplay for PC

Whether you’re a fan of lowfies or a metal enthusiast, you’ll find more than enough content to satisfy your cravings. An estimate tells us that there are more than 60 million songs available on Boomplay across countless genres and for an enthusiast, Boomplay is a dream come true. 

How to download Boomplay for PC?


Boomplay is readily available on PlayStore and Apple’s app store can be downloaded in a jiffy. However, PC users will need to download an Android emulator to run Boomplay since it doesn’t have a port for Microsoft Windows.

Fortunately, BlueStacks, a leading Android emulator with millions of users are breaking the stereotype and offering PC users the chance to enjoy Android apps on their PC without any hustle. 

In order to run Boomplay for PC and run it, you will firstly need to download BlueStacks from their official website and set it up by associating a Gmail ID with it. Much like setting up a brand new mobile phone, BlueStacks will require you to have a Gmail ID in order for you to access the Google Play services.

Once the emulator is properly set up, download Boomplay and install it on the emulator and it would hardly take a minute. Afterward, Boomplay will be ready to be used on PC, and no additional steps are required.

Furthermore, BlueStacks is completely free, and downloading it won’t cost you a single penny. 

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Can you make money from Boomplay?

Music creators can generate a generous sum of money from Boomplay by uploading their finest work to the app. Once they’ve uploaded their content, each time someone streams the content, the creator will be awarded a specific amount of money.

Similarly, much like Spotify, when someone purchases your song on Boomplay, the revenue generated by it will also be moved to the account of the creator. 

Fortunately, unlike other media platforms, all the revenue that you’ll generate through your content will be awarded to you entirely and no amount would be shared with Boomplay itself. This fact alone makes Boomplay one of the finest apps for music creators and enthusiasts. 

Is Boomplay Free? 

The Boomplay offers a ‘freemium’ plan meaning that the ad-supported version of the app is free while the premium version of the app that won’t have any pop-ups will have to be purchased for a specific amount.

Furthermore, in the free version of the app, users can only have a limited amount of songs that they can download while offline. On the contrary, the premium version offers unlimited offline downloads for users. 

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How to earn points in Boomplay? 

Boomplay features a rewarding system and offers special gifts and merchandise for users who reach a specific threshold in the app. Users have to earn points to redeem these gifts and these points can be earned in a number of ways.

From singing to streaming music, Boomplay offers points to the users but the best way to earn points in Boomplay is to complete the task in the ‘Earn Points’ section of the app. After completing each task, the user will be awarded a specific amount of points that they can later redeem for gifts and such. 

Although to earn a lot of points, users will have to regularly complete the task to redeem generous gifts that cost you upwards of 5000 points. 

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