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AnonyTun app is a powerful vpn that is used on mobile and not available on PC. For its wonderful features many people wants to use AnonyTun on PC.

But, unfortunately it is not available officially to use for PC or any other operating system. There is no need to worry about that because; if you are in search of AnonyTun use on PC then you’re on the right way and right place.

Installation of AnonyTun on PC is very simple and easy. In this post I will help you to install AnonyTun in your laptop or computer.

What is AnonyTun PC?

Actually AnonyTun is an application of mobile user and not available for PC. Therefore to use AnonyTun app on PC there is other methods.

AnonyTun is a Virtual Private Network application (vpn). It allows you to use internet freely and access to the block and restricted websites.

It provides an extra privacy and a powerful secure server to surf the internet and make the data private from the bad and greedy eyes.

The creator team of this application is Art of Tunnel and their team is dominating in development of like that applications. I prefer you to must try these applications.

How Does AnonyTun Work?

It works on this base that it gives access the restricting URLs and provides you a bypass to access these kinds of domains.

You have wishes to surf restricted websites then AnonyTun app is a great source to complete your wishes.

With this simple app you can access all kind of sites even it is blocked by the Governments with just some simple steps.

Is AnonyTun App is safe to Use for PC?

Yes of course this AnonyTun application is safe and eligible to use even on PC. It provides you an extra layer of Privacy protection.

In these modern days everyone use Smartphone for online interaction to social media and online banking therefore mostly this app is a used for these purpose.

There are number of cyber attacks undergoing now a days that compromise your privacy and safety. Your safety and privacy is protected very strictly by this app.

This make sure your ip address unnoticed. So this is how you’re safe from many hackers to attack on your PC and steal your personal and important data.

Is It User-Friendly?

This app is very easy to use and understand. It has a clear navigation. You can access to the internet by just clicking on connect button from the interface and you are connected to safe internet.

Benefits of Anonytun VPN on PC

There are any benefits of Anonytun software for PC. It is beneficial for both who is looking for safe and freely surf of internet and also for pro who want to grow and show his skills through internet.

On the stealth mode you can test your IT and others skills. You can get more access to the app through your awesome skills and approach.

You can the Proxy, protocol and port of the connection as well as other connection setting that helps you to use widely internet. And in tunnel mode you can choose your own settings alternatively.

Servers Included In the AnonyTun Application

AnonyTun has its own many servers. This app used its own servers when you’re using this application instead of yours. This helps you to stay safe from the harmful websites.

This also keeps you to being detected by the website for any kind of restrictions. It has 3 different tunneling modes. Here are its tunneling modes.

  1. SSL Tunnel
  2. TCP Tunnel
  3. Http Tunnel

How Much this app is costly?

This app is free of cost and available to download on Playstore for Android and Ios store for apple as well as on PC by using different emulators.

You can use this app without spending a single $ or money. It is great that it has many awesome features and free to use. Enjoy.

Key Features of AnonyTun

Here are some important features of AnonyTun VPN.

  • User friendly interface with clean and neat design.
  • No registration required.
  • No Root required.
  • Secure, free, and very fast.
  • No limit for Bandwidth (Unlimited)
  • TCP, SSL, and HTTP tunnels.
  •  Bypass any kind of restriction.
  • Access to a blocked websites.
  • Fastest servers.
  • Free to use.

How to Download and Use AnonyTun on PC?

AnonyTun got a lot of popularity by its great features and its mobile user are wonders that if they can use AnonyTun on PC. So, it’s very easy to just follow these simple steps to use it on PC or any other operating system.

Download AnonyTun on PC Using an Emulator

If you want to use AnonyTun app on your PC then you need to us an emulator.

First of all you need to know that what emulator is. Emulator is a computer application which allows you to run any mobile or Apk apps and games on PC. This is the emulator function.

Actually AnonyTun is not available to use for PC. Therefore, I am telling you this way to use it on your PC.

Here I will explain two main emulators for Downloading AnonyTun at PC. These two main emulators are given below.

  1. Nox Player
  2. BlueStacks

Must Check:

Use AnonyTun with Nox Player on PC

This emulator Is commonly used for android apps to run on PC. There is a benefit to use this emulator is that this emulator does not any advertisement and it is free to use.

You can customize your keyboard and other settings according to your choice. You also can go to full screen by clicking the icon available on the sidebar.

Follow these steps to Install AnonyTun app in Nox player on your PC.

  1. Download and Install Nox Player in your system.
  2. After installing open your Nox player by clicking on Icon on Desktop.
  3. Now open the app play store in your emulator.
  4. Sign in to your Google account for Playstore.
  5. Then type “AnonyTun” in search bar.
  6. Once you find that app click on install.
  7. After installing open it and enjoy.

AnonyTun on PC
AnonyTun on PC With Nox Player

This is how you can use AnonyTun on PC with Nox Player Emulator.

Note: You can install any Android application which restricts use on PC by this emulator from Playstore even you can play android games.

BlueStacks: Smoothly Runs AnonyTun on Your PC

BlueStacks is the world no. 1 most downloaded android emulator for PC. You can go to full screen on this emulator. Also you can customize your keyboard layouts.

Main purpose of this emulator is to run Games, but you can run AnonyTun easily.

It has just one problem that its free version show many advertisements. This is not issue for some users but somehow it could be slow your PC.

Follow these steps to Use BlueStacks with AnonyTun

  1. Download BlueStacks from the internet.
  2. After downloading install it to your PC.
  3. You need to sign in to your Google Account.
  4. Go to Playstore in the Emulator.
  5. Search AnonyTun in Playstore.
  6. Install AnonyTun from Playstore.
  7. Now run the app and enjoy.

AnonyTun on PC
AnonyTun on PC with BluStacks

This is how you can use AnonyTun on PC with BlueStacks Emulator.

Why Use AnonyTun on PC?

There is a lot of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) on internet with many great features then why I prefer to use this AnonyTun vpn on your Pc or laptop.

Let’s take a look at about AnonyTun

You Can’t Compete Free

AnonyTun great and awesome thing is that it is free for mobile and PC both. When looking for specially vpn on internet with all extra great features.

It is very difficult to find any other vpn like this. That’s why I prefer you to use AnonyTun on Mac and PC with all kind of features. Therefore it is one of the best VPN.

Access to Restricted Sites

This is one of the main reason and feature everyone use a VPN to access the blocked and restricted websites which allows you to serf without any restriction.

AnonyTun have a great feature for bypass all these kinds of restrictions and gives you extra access to that websites.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Other VPN’s gives a limited access to bandwidth in free trial but AnonyTun gives unlimited bandwidth and surf internet without taking any tension.

User Friendly

This application is very user friendly. AnonyTun is very easy and simple to use even on PC. It has a clear and simple interface which provides user a clear satisfaction.

You can connect the vpn by clicking on just a button in the user interface. That is a key for those peoples who need a basic vpn.

You can also choose any kind of server from any country with a wide range from worldwide.

Fastest Connection

The reason is for free VPN’s is a down connection but AnonyTun provides you the secure and fastest reliable connection. This protects your identity so fast as well as other VPN’s

There is no matter which server you are connected you will surf the fastest connection from any country you are connected.

Streaming and buffering for online video playing is also reliable and very fast.

Great VPN for Beginners

If you are beginner to internet world and you are in search of a basic and simple VPN then this is the great VPN for you. I also suggest you to use this VPN even you are pro user.

AnonyTun: Anonymous Web Surfing On Your PC

AnonyTun provides you full and secure servers to surf web anonymously. This Vpn protects your privacy and server with its great features. This is one of the best and easiest vpn.

Using AnonyTun on PC is very simple. You just need a good android emulator for pc like Nox and BlueStacks and a good pc. Just follow the simple steps given in this post and you will be got completely hands on this VPN.


I hope you will like AnonyTun on PC. If you may face any kind of problem or any step. Feel free to contact me or tell us by commenting under the post. I will sure clear your issue. Also give you feedback and show some love by sharing this post.

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