How Long Do Water Filters Last In Refrigerators?

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Drinking contamination-free water is essential for everyone. Although some tap water is safe to drink, some contain fluoride and chlorine that can cause odor and unpleasant taste. Thus, water filters are essential in every home. They remove large particles, chlorine, and microscopic contaminants. The refrigerator water filters pass water through a filtration method to make it clean, cool, and icy.

How Long Do Water Filters Last In Refrigerators

But some homeowners do not understand the importance of changing the filters. Unchanged filters can hold nasty toxins, which can affect the taste of water and cause health issues. Also, it can damage the refrigerator unit.

How Long Do Water Filters Last In Refrigerators?

Water filters in the refrigerators can last for up to six months. Most manufacturers recommend people change their refrigerator water filters regularly to avoid damaging the refrigerator unit and prevent build-up. But the frequency of changing the water filters can depend on factors such as:

  • Water hardness
  • The number of contaminants in the water and
  • The amount of water you consume from the refrigerator every day.

If you are unsure about the water quality, you can consider fridges equipped with a filter light to alert you when you need to replace the water filters. Besides, how often to replace the water filters depends on the model of your fridge. For instance, some vendors, such as Discount Filter Store, provide branded filters that users can replace every six months. Also, they offer discounted rates – see their Samsung water filters for refrigerators.

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What Happens If You Delay Change The Water Filters?

If you fail to change your water filters on time, they might stop performing their job. Nothing feels more frustrating than taking a sip of water only to find out that it has an unpleasant taste or smell. In this case, you’ll wish you had spared the money to replace the filters. Failing to change the filters regularly can cause some effects such as:

Bacteria Growth

A loaded water filter can collect particles that organisms can feed on, creating a breeding site for microorganisms. These bacteria can lead to serious health issues. That’s why it is advisable to replace the water filters in the refrigerator to ensure that you consume purified water.

The Water Filter Clogs

It reaches a point where water will be unfiltered because the water filter will contain a lot of dirt. The presence of dirt means that your water will have chlorine, sediments, and bad taste and smell.

The Refrigerator Ages Fast

The chemicals in the water can affect the refrigerator. Failure to change the water filters can lead to residues building up in the ice machine, which can damage the fridge. The residue build-up can slow down the system and affect the flavor of your water.

Contaminant Build-Up

Using water filters that are past their usage ability can cause contaminant build-up, which can leak into the drinking water. As a result, it can affect the taste, color, and smell of the water.

The Decline Of Water Pressure

Your old water filters will become gummed up over time. Thus, it will be challenging for water to pass through. This situation can cause frustrations of waiting for a long to get enough water from the refrigerator.

What Are the Signs That You Need To Replace The Water Filters?

The refrigerator filters are essential in the water system. They will ensure that you consume clean and purified water. However, they have a limited lifespan. Thus, it is good to know when the water filter requires to be changed.

Here are four signs that your refrigerator water filters need to be replaced. 

The Refrigerator Water Smells Bad

Your nose can tell whether water is safe to drink or not. Your nose can detect chemicals and other impurities. Thus, if you don’t know whether to change your water filters or not, you can sniff your drinking water. If the water smells like a rotten egg, it might be signs of Sulphur presence in the water. This sign indicates that the water is unfiltered. Thus, the water filter in the refrigerator needs to be replaced.

The Water Tastes Bad

Clean water doesn’t have flavors. But if you get an unpleasant taste, know that there is something wrong with the water filters.

A Lot of Black Specks In The Water

Finding black specks in the water is normal since the water filters are made with tiny carbon flecks. Sometimes, the carbon flecks can escape through the mesh that holds them. But as the refrigerator water filter ages, more carbon specks will start escaping from the mesh. Hence, many black particles in the water can indicate that your filters are old and need to be replaced.

The Filter Light Turns On

A filter light can help you know when it is time to change your water filters. The fridge can calculate and indicate the right time to change the filters based on:

  • The amount of water used since the last filter changed.
  • Duration of time since the last filter replacement.

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How Do You Change The Refrigerator Water Filters?

Changing the water filters can be easy if you understand how to perform the process, and here are the four steps to change the water filters.

  • Locate the water filters
  • Use the valve to turn off the water supply
  • Replace the filters
  • Run at least 2 gallons of water through the dispenser to clean the water filters. 

Having a water filtration system is a good way of keeping your family healthy. Water filters remove chemicals, foul odor, taste, and other contaminants harmful to the human body. But if you fail to change the filters on time, they might stop performing correctly.

When the time to change the water filter reaches, or the filter light turns on, it is good to change the water filters to enjoy clean and safe water. You can change the water filters by yourself or consult a professional. Replacing the filter requires a few steps. But if you have maintained your water filters and are still experiencing issues with the refrigerator, you can consider hiring a professional.

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