Fun Apps And Websites You Should Check Out In 2021

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The Internet is a hub for all the exciting thrills that one must experience in a lifetime. Herein you get a pool of amazing apps and websites that not only make up for fun and zeal but can also help you with your everyday tasks. 

Fun Apps And Websites You Should Check Out In 2021

If you are set on the explorer sitting to find what all the internet has to offer, here are some interesting apps and websites that you must try with—you won’t get disappointed!


If you are someone who’s always into learning new things, Vsauce is one of the best websites to visit on the internet. Herein you can learn interesting concepts like the game you win by losing, the infinite money paradox, the napkin ring problem, and many more. If none of these things made sense to you, head over to Vsauce to get a clue.

Although you can find Vsauce content on their YouTube channel, you should head to the website if you want to go through their complete catalog. You can also save these informative videos for later and watch them when you’re either traveling or have some free time to kill. 

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Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service 

If the worldwide lockdown has unlocked your love for cooking, but couldn’t make up with your unwillingness to visit the grocery store to buy the ingredients, then Blue Apron is here to your rescue.

This sleek food delivery app offers you a variety of ingredients to prep your favorite dish— all at your doorstep. Meanwhile, if you’re not in a mood to cook for the day, you can also order great meals, taking an off from the kitchen.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom is a popular photo editing app that lets you create amazing photos right on your mobile phones. Featuring tools like profile-based lens correction, raw camera file profiles, noise reduction, and advanced color and lighting sliders, this app gives you everything you need to edit, organize and share your photos.

Meanwhile, lightroom classic provides you with desktop editing tools to make your pictures look professional.

The Moth

The Moth introduces you to the art of storytelling, bringing you real-life stories shared by people themselves. The website also houses a podcast featuring all stories and experiences shared around the globe on different platforms of Moth.

These stories will be a treat to your ears and will get you to embrace the art of storytelling.

Lottoland lottery

If you often dream of becoming a millionaire overnight, try your luck with the Lottoland lottery app to win the world’s biggest lottery jackpots. Herein you can get tickets for popular lottery games like the cricket lotto, SuperEna Lotto, and many more.

Lottoland comes with an incredibly easy user interface. Plus, it allows you to check for the latest lottery results as soon as they’re released.


Amidst the sheer number of amazing movie flicks, finding a good movie to watch online is a real struggle. If you are someone on the same page, then this one’s got you covered.

The website hosts one movie a day that remains on there for 30 days—offering you a period to watch the film before it is removed. This way, it offers you a curated list of movies that you can enjoy daily. Now, that’s got you pretty sorted for the weekends or your daily watch sessions.  


Like most of our generation, if you also find yourself terrible at passwords, then this smart app can be of great help. Dashlane generates, saves, and replays your login details or credentials whenever they are required, but you no longer remember them.

Meanwhile, this cross-platform service ensures that your passwords, payment details, and other confidential data are kept secured yet never out of reach.


GIPHY offers you the all-time favorite GIFs taking over the Internet. GIFs are an interesting and fun way of expressing yourself without offending anyone on the side. This site houses popular GIFs for all your moods or events.

So, pick on your favorites and get started with the run! You can select from a wide range of choices when it comes to finding the perfect GIF that goes with the situation. 


Buzzfeed has been one the most popular websites in recent years, creating authentic audience engagement via some amazing content. The massive cross-platform network includes Buzzfeed originals, HuffPost, Buzzfeed commerce, and Buzzfeed Media Brands, delivering everything from news to entertainment to keep you engaged throughout your time over the page.

Well, this should be enough to spend your leisure hours doing nothing. 

Apartment Therapy 

If you’ve got a knack for amazing home decor or DIY ideas, then “Apartment Therapy” is exclusively made for you. The website enlists unique ideas about enhancing the curb appeal of your abode. Also, it offers visual house tours of people’s homes and apartments for you to get some inspiration or pick ideas to design your place the best way.

Subsequently, you can take your home’s appearance to the next level without even having to spend a lot of money. You can even tweak the various ideas you find on this platform and make them fit your preference and budget. 


Across the multiple streaming services, locating a platform that has your favorite series to watch is not easy. However, this website can ease your struggle during the hunt.

Herein, all you need to do is type the title of the show, and the website will show all the platforms where you can watch it. So, next time you find it arduous to get along with your favorite TV series, this site has your back. 

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With the advent of a secure internet connection, entertainment channels have transformed dramatically. You can pick any of the websites or apps listed in this article and use them leisurely.

We have to compile this list such that you can also keep up with productivity while entertaining yourself in the process.

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