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Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool

Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool. One of the best tools right now in the market to check your website’s usability in all ways.



We all know sometimes the website stops working and it is due to the bug. It ruins the reader’s experience and destroys the whole site. And this happens due to the lack of testing of the website and without a security check. Testing the website is very important and it plays a very important role while developing the site.

Comparium Website Testing Tool

Some developers underestimate the power of testing and due to this the chance of bug increases day by day that decreases the production of the company. If you will not take measurements on the time then, at last, you have to pay a high rate for solving bug issue and it can shake the budget.

But when you have website testing then nothing can happen and no-one can stop you to reach the target audience. If you want to run the website smoothly then you should go through testing of the site in a simple way. Comparium Tool has many functionalities like Screenshot Web Testing And many more!

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Functionality Testing

It is the first step in which the tool test the functions of the website and make sure that it works smoothly without any disturbance. It is the test that checks the database connection, cookies, all links avail in the web pages, and makes the site perfect for users. This helps to reduce the risk at the end of the cycle.

If the accuracy level is the same at the different stage then it means the website is functioning perfectly. When you go through the testing of the site frequently then you can easily make site bug free.

Usability Testing

The second step is usability testing and it has a mixture of functionality testing to increases user experience. It performs the test at different stages for the website development and makes it perfect. It is the test that goes through external testers and helps to stimulate the user base experience with ease.

In the testing tool examine content and navigation of the site. Comparium tool also recruits external and internal testing of the website without any hassle. With this testing, you can easily make its usability ease for customers.

Comparium Key Features

Interface Testing

It is the testing through which the website goes through all interaction between the site and servers. This way, you can also assure that the site is running smoothing in all browsers and different platforms with ease.

It is the testing step that also helps to sight errors on the website and make it perfect for publishing on a different platform. Through this test, you can also seek that the interruptions by the server or by users has been handled properly or not.

Compatibility Testing

To make sure that the website running smoothly you have to test the browser’s compatibility. And it also goes through the test while running on the different operating systems. This way, you can easily sight that website can reach all targeted audiences with ease.

We all know that today people using different android gadgets and it runs on the different operating systems. Then only you can reach to all customers without any hassle. Different operating systems such as Mac, Window, Linux, and as well as popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and many more.

Performance Testing

Once you will test the website functionality and responsibility now it is the time to check the performance of the site. It is the test that includes different internet speed so that it can go through normal and peak loads with ease.

Every user wants to run the website at great speed so that they can go through the site without wasting time. If the website does not run quickly and wastes time then it irritates the customers and they leave the site. With the Performance test, you can check the website speed of working.

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Security Testing

To make a secure website from all bugs the security testing helps in the best way. Without security testing, you can put the site at high risk and this automatically lowers the position of the site. It is the reason when traffic can’t reach the website. It is the testing that also helps to check the potential and vulnerabilities threats on the site.

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