Best Point of Sale Systems for Inventory Management

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Over the last dozen years or so, there’s been an explosion of options for businesses looking to replace a traditional cash register with a point of sale control that provides more management options, more data, and more support for popular programs like gift card sales.

One of the most commonly demanded features in today’s POS systems has been inventory control, and manufacturers are listening.

Best Point of Sale Systems for Inventory Management

Here are a few options for your next POS terminal that will also help you with inventory tracking, reordering, and loss reporting.

Booker POS

Using the popular Clover operating system, the Booker model provid+

es the same great inventory tracking options you expect from the leader in versatile one-stop management technology.

Sharing the OS with the base Clover model and other variants means the Booker can operate with the same great inventory tracking you already use if you have a Clover unit.

That means it syncs to your account and offers the same options for low stock alerts and other notifications related to your stock levels. On top of that, the additional apps on the Booker make appointment setting easy.

The balance between appointment services and inventory sales makes Booker especially useful as automotive POS software because garages often have a need for both features.

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Clover Station 2.0

The Clover station made inventory management in your POS interface a standard, and the upgraded Clover 2.0 improves on those features with additional insights and analytics, a refreshed look and feel, and support for today’s standard payment options, including chip cards.

This Clover credit card machine not only tracks inventory and allows you to handle scheduling and time clock management on the device, but it also has built-in support for popular cost control options like the merchant cash discount program authorized by federal law.

Clover Mini With Mobile Data

Are you noticing a trend in the top POS models for inventory management? You should. The Clover OS is just great for all-purpose business management, and the variety of device options and form factors practically ensures a Clover unit exists with your business model in mind.

If you need to power mobile sales or you just want to untether your POS from your Wi-Fi, consider investing in a Clover Mini, which brings you the same great apps and web-facing back end controls as the full-size Clover, but with a slimmer physical footprint and a mobile data connection than ensures you’re always ready to run electronic payments, even when you’re selling at outdoor festivals.

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Save Money on Your Next POS Equipment Upgrade

Did you know that many credit card processors offer you a chance at free or discounted equipment with a service agreement?

That could be a good enough reason to change processors, especially if you’re already using a cash discount program to offset expenses enough that the cost of the processing agreement itself is negligible as part of your bottom line.

If you haven’t put a cash discount in place yet but you want to, a pivot to a processor who supports the practice and offers incentives to upgrade to the equipment that you need to do it can be an investment in bigger profits.

Check out your options today to find out if you can get access to one of today’s top POS machines for free.

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